THE FOUNDERS IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Patrick Henry Weighs In On Choosing Our Representatives

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I have been attacked by supporters from both sides for stating my position on this election, which is: Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are of bad moral character, and neither should ever be considered for any public office.  I’ve tried to explain my reasons for this position, but no one seems to want to listen.  Maybe it’s time to let one of our most passionate and influential founding fathers offer up his advice on who to vote for this election?  If people refuse to listen to me, then maybe they will listen to Patrick Henry:

The great pillars of all government and of social life [are] virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone that renders us invincible. These are the tactics we should study. If we lose these, we are conquered, fallen indeed…so long as our manners and principles remain sound, there is…

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8 thoughts on “THE FOUNDERS IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Patrick Henry Weighs In On Choosing Our Representatives

  1. Joe,
    No one on this blog is telling you that you MUST VOTE? But I have been trying to explain
    the consequences of your assumptions/suggestions?

    There are other candidates that will gratefully accept your vote? When I post comments
    on this blog, I am expressing MY OPINION!

    When I tell you that I am supporting the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump, I am
    carrying out my Constitutional obligation (as an American citizen) to elect a fellow
    American citizen to represent ME in the United States Government to enact and
    carry out laws and obligations I deem necessary and conducive to the ethical, honorable
    and proper operation of The United States of America!

    Until/if this Constitutional obligation is ever denied me by any person/entity, I will continue
    this freedom. To quote a Founder: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!”

    Lets Make America Great Again!

    • EdwardS,

      My friend, I understand your position, and I do not begrudge you of it. I’ve stopped worrying about it. I have a decent idea of what the future holds, and I have started to look for ways to do good within what I fear is coming. However, I believe you have entirely missed the point of this post — and misquoted Henry’s intent in the process. I did not write this piece so much as an attack on any Party or Party member, as I did to remind readers of just how far we have fallen from the ideals which founded this nation. maybe I am being naive, but I thought that, if people were to remember what made America great (what REALLY made it great), then maybe — just maybe — we could find our way back the same way our founders did. Not by relying on any one person, but in the Source of everything that is good and righteous.

    • You are correct Ed. All adults know the true difference between the two candidates, the difference between True evil and off color character.

  2. Joe,
    Who do you think is the person is or persons are to initiate the Source of everything that is
    good and righteous?

    I am being realistic and ideologic in my opinion! Dreams are for twelve-year-olds and democrats!

    Joe you need to read my post again! I did not quote any particular founder?

  3. Joe,
    I may clarify my post of 20 October 2016-17:48, regarding the quote (“Give Me Liberty or Give
    Me Death!”) as identified by a “Founder” in my post of 19 October 2016-14:08, was actually
    credited to Patrick Henry by History and Wikipedia!

    Regarding conversation by Trump that you find abhorrent and unChristian, what do you
    say about all these Racist Black (Holier Than Thou), celebrities who listen to, view and
    and promote the DEGENERATE FILTH that is portrayed in most of the music of Beyonce, JZ, etc?

    Donald Trump wants to close the Southern border to ILLEGALS, create term limits on Congress,
    require voting ID, restore clean coal mining, continue fracking for oil, expand natural gas and
    petroleum exploration, require our allies to pay for their protection from Russia/China/Iran,
    eliminate government funding for abortion, student loans, sanctuary cities and illegal welfare.

    Donald Trump believes marriage is between a man and a woman, is against community
    toilets in public businesses, agrees that murderers should be executed, and political
    correctness should be abolished from colleges and universities.

    Donald Trump want to create a strong U.S. military, multi-ship Navy and strong Reserve.

    Donald Trump wants to restore a powerful Constitution, require the fifty states to educate
    our children, allow a strong Second Amendment to function, eliminate unnecessary, obsolete
    and unenforceable laws to be repealed, to include departments and agencies of the Federal
    Government that have no purpose in perfecting a strong and economic United States of

    I would be interested to see what you disagree with the above mentioned Donald Trump
    proposals. These are only a part of MANY Trump proposals that I endorse and support
    Lets Make America Great Again!

    • Mr Trump has a history of promising whatever he thinks his mark wants to hear, then doing whatever he needs to do to get what HE wants. He has a history of wanting HIS way. Now, as Patrick Henry said, I have only the past to guide my expectations of the future. Therefore — just as we both have a good idea of what Hillary will do, contrary to what she says — I have the same expectations of Trump.

      I get it. You are so afraid of Hillary that you are willing to believe Trump’s promises. I understand — honest. And I’m not going to fault you or anyone else for supporting him. But I am going to tell you that you are doing the exact same thing you criticized others for doing when they supported Obama for fear of McCain/Romney/the GOP.

      No RATIONAL person has ANY reason to believe either of these two, Trump OR Hillary. All evidence says they are both lying. I am simply trying to let reason rather than blind fear guide my path this time around. You do not have to join me. I don’t care. I am pretty sure I know what the result will be no matter what any of us do this time. 😦

  4. Joe,
    We both have a keen interest in History. True History tells us the story of the Past, sometimes
    of the Future? History is important because of actions, somewhat important because of Words?

    I would like to quote some anxious words: “I am pretty sure I know what the result will be no
    matter what any of us do this time.”

    I’m pretty sure I know that Donald J. Trump will be our next President!
    Lets Make America Great Again!

  5. Joe,
    You can go to to view Trump’s Contract With The American Voter to
    see what Trump PUBLISHED to the American Voter.

    If he succeeds in accomplishing the first FIVE (5) of these proposals, I will be satisfied with his

    What has the fat thing in a blue pants suit proposed? Confiscate ALL guns, OPEN borders,
    unlimited ABORTION, unlimited immigration of Izlam, higher taxes, eliminate the American
    Military, ban all nuclear weapons/power, ban coal, ban oil, ban natural gas and give BILLIONS
    to Elgin Mush to build useless expensive cars?

    Lets Make America Great Again!

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