Madame Pigpen

pigpenIt is important to note that no matter the crapstorm ongoing around the Clinton email scandal (and it is a scandal even if the NYT and WaPo do not think so), this is a crapstorm of her own making. I know progressives are not particularly fond of root cause analysis but had she not made a decision to take the time, effort and cost to set up a private email server (and this isn’t like setting up a gmail account – this involves commercial grade hardware as well) and in doing so, violate the very rules and regulations she required others at the State Department to follow, none of this would happen.
Comey did, in fact, state she lied about having classified documents on the server, that she did carry multiple devices and that she lied about Comey saying that everything she did was peachy keen. She also lied about Comey’s recent letter to Congress as going “only to 8 Republicans”.
This is what you get with the Clintons – pushing everything to the edge. Her supporters want to talk about Trump’s business practices in building actual tangible buildings – let’s have the same conversation about two people who became multi-millionaires without producing a single thing.
Bill Clinton has displayed the same tendencies out of government that he would have in government if the times permitted. The Congress actually had a spine based on principle back then (I can remember a time when the Executive was termed “irrelevant”) but 8 years of the Democrats trying to destroy Bush followed by 8 years of “Catch me if you can” Obama have changed what America is willing to accept from our elected leaders. Let us not forget that Obama had known communists (Van Jones) as advisers and tax cheats (Tim Geithner) as cabinet members in his first administration and successfully used race to break the back of Congressional Republicans.
Hillary Clinton is an ambulatory cesspool of corruption, a veritable undulating wave of fecal sludge. She is a pathological liar and a master grifter. There is no good side to her and to borrow her word, she is irredeemable and anyone who supports her or is close to her cannot avoid having crap smeared on them. She is the political Pigpen (the character in the Charlie Brown comic strip who is always surrounded by a perpetual cloud of dust).

8 thoughts on “Madame Pigpen

  1. Utah,
    Thank you for the disparaging words on the fat person in the blue pant suit!

    Your choice of words excels my current definition of the political Pigpen, however I am
    in full agreement with your post and will keep a copy as reference to really understand
    what a despicable, degenerate and solipsistic individual the aforementioned fat person is?

    I am proud to state that I am and will be, TOTALLY crap-free as a strong supporter of
    and voter for Donald j. Trump for U.S. President!

    Lets Make America Great Again!

  2. I can not believe how far from decent the Clintons are these days and am starting to believe that they have alway been that way. Absolute scum. Let’s pray there are enough good Americans to keep her out of the White House. Trump / Pence 2016

  3. Dusty,
    I can assure you that the Clintons have ALWAYS been who they are today.
    In the 70’s Nixon confrontation the fat person in a blue pant suit was in trouble with the
    investigating committee and was justifiably kicked off it by the Chairman.

    As Utah relates, the political Pig pen has lived her life as a corrupt, degenerate, solipsistic
    socialist, liberal that helped bastardize the democrat party of JFK.

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s preacher for 20 years in Chicago) had it correct
    when he stated: “The chickens have come home to roost!”

    Lets Make America Great Again!

  4. But remember, it’s all for the children! But wait, I have to rip, claw and disect them out of the womb so PP can raise more money for my election.

    HRC is by far the most evil and hideous woman that has ever walked the face of the Earth. No other woman has ever had more human beings slaughtered for her personal lust for money and power. One cannot look back in history and find a more dispicable and reprobate woman.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t think of one. She is truly the bride of Satan.

    • I am still hoping that she spends the rest of her life in prison with Bill. That would be another eye opener for the establishment politicians.

      • I agree. Just as long as it is with Bill…and not with Huma. WE ain’t running no Lover’s retreat on the Taxpayer dime.

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