Hope and Change III

We need Hope and Change III.

For the past 8 years the Democrat Jackasses have been:

  • Wrong on foreign policy – alienated our friends and allies while showing weakness to our enemies.
  • Wrong on wars – got us “out” of Iraq and then into Libya, Syria and now back into Iraq.
  • Wrong on Obamacare – passed on a gimmick and has not met a singe promise while being a drag on companies.
  • Wrong on transparency – adopted a “catch me if you can” and “just try to stop me” attitude unbound by the Constitution or any law.
  • Wrong on the economy – 800 billion stimulus for “shovel ready” jobs that didn’t exist. Slowest recovery in history and anemic GDP.
  • Wrong on public debt – national debt has doubled to $20 trillion in 8 years.
  • Wrong on taxes – government is collecting record amounts of taxes and yet we still run billions of dollars of budget deficits.
  • Wrong on the SCOTUS – see it as a “super legislature” that decides based on political motives, not interpretations of the Constitution.
  • Wrong on social policy – forcing people to accept aspects of society that are against their beliefs.
  • Wrong on race relations – America is not institutionally racist.
  • Wrong on immigration – they have effectively opened our borders.
  • Wrong on the law – Dems have proven to break any law they disagree with while enforcing them on others.

Trump may be a bad president but the operative word here is “may” – whatever Trump may turn out to be, we have direct evidence of what the Democrats ARE.

2 thoughts on “Hope and Change III

  1. All 12 wrongs stated were done for a reason! The last 8 years have been glorious years for the progressives. If Hillary is elected the next 4 years will likely complete the transformation to a one party oligarchy. Even in the majority in the Senate & House they could not stop Obama. Just think of them in the minority.

    Praying the American Citizen has enough sense to at least not cast a vote for Hillary if they dislike Trump.

  2. Hillary Clinton is actually “Hope and Change III “……. in other words Obama III.

    The false claims to principle…..the false claims to morality, that have characterized the attacks against Trump have really been beyond the pale.

    Moses was an imperfect man…….. but God chose him anyway.

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