Role Playing

constantine_hellIn my humble opinion, these anti-Trump protests have a very FPS/RPG video-game (First Person Shooter/Role Playing Game) feel to them. I say that because in these video game worlds (like HALO, Gears of War or Call of Duty) there is a lot of action, the players are totally absorbed in the game, even the weakest nerd can be Master Chief and monumental feats of strength, bravery and import can be accomplished – even the most emasculated male can be made a masculine hero and save the day (these games Make America Gender-specific Again!). What you do in the game is important and matters.

But the minute you hit “exit”, the fact that your team achieved its in-game objective and 2299992-halo4_mc_avayou were the hero is meaningless in the real world. That’s a significant reason for the popularity of such games, people can become a hero with no real risk and in turn, become someone of consequence in that world – even if you aren’t outside cyberspace. It creates a feeling of self-worth, strength and self-importance and mission validity that the player will never achieve IRL (in real life).

In truth, such masculine games have robbed American youth of their true masculinity because they have created a false image of what it means to be masculine, of how hard it is in real life to be a man where risk is real. When you fail, there are real consequences for you and your team. When you get cut, you bleed and when you get shot, you die. You don’t get to change to a better character – you are who you are.

2420-going-hell-and-back-nuclear-blast-constantine_0You are butthurt. We get it. It happens. It happened to the political right in 2008 when the current semi-retired/differently-enabled waterfowl (politically correct for “lame duck”) president was elected the first time. We protested. We didn’t burn dumpsters, tag buildings, break windows, beat random pedestrians wearing “Hope and Change” sweatshirts or stop traffic on the interstate highways. We held protests over Obamacare where racist protesters were thrown out by protest members and mass gatherings on the National Mall where we left the Mall grounds cleaner than when we showed up. We focused on killing Obama’s progressive agenda rather than killing the man (assassination fantasies are all the rage on the left, going back to books and plays wishing for the murder of George W. Bush).

In the Keanu Reeves movie “Constantine”, he can travel to Hell – but Hell is actually just another hidden dimension of the reality we see every day. I think this is the way the left sees the world – their loss sent them to the alternate Los Angeles where all the buildings are rubble and soul-stealing right-wing demons roam the dystopian landscape in service to the Satan Trump.

The news media is asking the question “What will these protests accomplish?” to which I answer, “Nothing.” These “protests” only have the validity the public will give them – and boy, are the stone-faced, super-serious Max Headroom (google him) talking heads, the breathless leg-crossing newsreaders and on-the-spot reporterettes ever trying to find some validity for them.

These protests are symbolic of the left’s delusion that their ideology is the only correct ideology and all else is illegitimate and everybody should see what they represent as important and worthy because it is important and worthy to THEM. Only they know the true feelings of America. Only they know what racist, bigoted, homophobic and Islamophobic acts the Nazi Trump and his Brownshirts will commit in the future. They have constructed a game environment and landscape to fit the world they have inferred from what the media has implied.

These are emasculated, weepy, puppy cuddling, coloring book artists who are displaying their power and masculinity in a video game universe. In their world, all that they believe is true and what they are doing matters. It is as much a cry for attention as any tantrum thrown by any two year-old and just as inconsequential to the lives of the rest of us. It is as irritating and grating as it is meaningless and temporary.

4 thoughts on “Role Playing

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I did a super google search for all the riots and vandalism McCain and Romney supporters started when they lost to Obama and I’ll be damned if I could find any.

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