Fear and Loathing in DC

fearAs to the fear of the Democrats about Jeff Sessions, the Democrats are justifiably petrified that so much of their agenda has been executed by Executive actions and by departmental directive, all of which can be reversed by a new president and a new AG and there is nothing the Democrats in Congress can do about it. We’re in for 4 years of every breath a Republican taking being defined as “racist” because the only defense the Democrats have is to attempt to poison public opinion.
In another thread on Facebook, there was a discussion of “institutional racism” and that brought forward this line of thought. I preface this by saying that I do generalize and I do realize there are many, many individuals who are not subject to what I am writing but for the purpose of getting a handle on the ethos of those, white and black, who believe institutional racism is real, please bear with me.
Law enforcement, at least at the federal level, has been so skewed for so many years that equal application of the law will be viewed as racist. As Ferguson and Baltimore revealed, the Civil Rights Division has become so politicized and radicalized over race, the only way for it to continue is to be gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. That is the legacy of President Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.
According to the US Census Department, the US is 77% white. Is it possible that what you think is “institutional racism” is actually the weight of historical American culture?
How much of the disadvantages of black America is a result of their own actions, perspectives and biases? How much of this “institutionalization” is the result of the Stockholm Syndrome/Battered Spouse Syndrome/co-dependent relationship blacks in America have had with the Democrat Party and their love affair with progressivism?
Asian minorities don’t seem to have the same issues and to a large extent, neither do Hispanics. The big difference is that those groups come to the US (whether legally or illegally) without expectations of anything other than a better life and to make a few bucks.It seems that black America is still hindered by their concept of slavery. The Democrat Party shifted from its creation of Jim Crow and the KKK to another from of oppression – psychological warfare as it were – that of constantly telling blacks that it is never their fault and that all white people who aren’t Democrats are to blame for their situation.
And so while Hispanics flood across the borders and Asians outpace all other races in academic achievement, blacks wait for the munificent, benevolent people in government to deliver salvation to them en masse. It is as if blacks in America are waiting for a rich uncle to die and pass on some sort of inheritance (in the form of reparations) where the other groups just want to work and get ahead.
If the 8 years of the Obama Presidency didn’t reveal the “Rich Uncle” wish to be a lie, I don’t know what will.
Viewed in that context, there is an institutional racism but it is not institutionalized in the white majority. The true institutionalization of race seems to lie within the black community and the Democrat Party.

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