Social Justice Clairvoyants

We have a special class of people among us. First we had SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors), the intrepid crybully soldiers of Marxsim, but the election of Donald Trump has revealed a class of progressive medicine men within the SJW movement. Apparently the priest class of the social justice movement is filled with mystics – Social Justice Clairvoyants, SJC’s for short. These are the people who believe nothing I say or do because they “just know” what I am REALLY thinking.

For those on the left who believe Trump is planning to build an altar to hate in the West Wing, I would offer the following:

It’s not uncommon for certain people of certain ideologies to “just know” what I think. Apparently they have the supernatural ability to read my mind and judge the quality of my soul with little or no actual evidence. In the past, I’ve actually had people tell me that because I belonged to a certain country club that they “just knew” how we talked about black people and women in the locker room – when in fact what they imagined never happened. Of those social justice clairvoyants, I would ask – how do you know that Trump “believes females are to be disrespected, as are Muslims”? Because the media says so? Because he made crude statements? Ronald Reagan’s quote comes to mind:

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

I’ve fallen victim to high school and college braggadocio regarding my exploits with women (most of which were lies or exaggerations to impress my posse), it’s what guys do – but thank goodness I was never recorded on Access Hollywood talking about it. I don’t believe radical or fundamental Islam is compatible with our constitution, so am I “building hatred”?

Perhaps – but thankfully, I am judged by the sum total of what I have actually done, not what you extrapolate from a limited amount of data points. What is happening to Trump is no different than any other Republican president. Every GOP president is Hitler. It’s like the argument over “climate change”, people are “adjusting” their data to fit their bias that temperatures are radically increasing when the actual recorded data shows something quite different.

Let’s see what Trump does and if you are right, you are right – like we were about Obama.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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