When David Icke Starts Making Sense

For a while now I’ve been closely following the “fake news” story, Pizzagate. If you have not heard of this ritualistic pedophile ring, I urge you to read this . It is a lengthy, but unbiased chronological compilation of the many facets of Pizzagate. What is the most disturbing about this scandal is the silence; except from the usual suspects. The left doth protest too much, methinks…..

First out of the box was the NY Times. Try to contain your shock. It came out with this piece which is actually titled, “Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking”. In this article, Comet Ping Pong and its owner, James Alefantis, come out smelling like a rose. Alefantis plays the victim card as he says he received death threats on social media, and is being targeted by disgruntled Trump voters because he has famous Democrat friends. He and the writer conclude that he is merely a victim of “fake news”.

In the article, a performer from Heavy Breathing, one of the regular bands to perform at the pizzeria, was interviewed, and made this ironic comment: We are at a dangerous place in American culture where a good percentage of people aren’t distinguishing what is a real news source based on real reporting and fact-checking and only reinforcing pre-existing ideas they have,” Ms. Kleinman said.

Hmmmm…..Is that why FB and Twitter want to limit “fake news” and ban free speech or conservatives? Is this why the people reading the “real news” er, NY Times, were dumbfounded when Trump won? Naturally, the author didn’t ask Kleinman about her strange (as in wtf strange) youtube video or ask Alefantis any pertinent questions…… like why did he delete his creepy Instagram posts?

On the other hand, a journalist who has been scouring the Wikileaks Podesta e-mails and following all the leads, had a far more convincing rebuttal of the NY Times piece.

The next usual suspect was the Washington Post. Surprise!! Their article was titled, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” Essentially, WaPo based the majority of their “Russian propaganda” evidence on an unknown group called ProporNot. This reader could not find anything that backed their claims. Also, I found it extremely careless of them to infer that wikileaks had been hacked by the Russians.

A great debunking of the Washington Post article can be read here. Actually, the best rebuttal came from the article itself when the author was interviewing Russian Times: “It is the height of irony that an article about “fake news” is built on false, unsubstantiated claims. – Ann Belkina (RT head of communications).

The left would be remiss to not include Snopes. You know they had to chime in. Skimming through their article, I noticed that one pic was debunked…………. by a Trump supporter, nonetheless; not Snopes! Maybe conservatives are more accustomed to fact checking. Following Snopes was NPR. They used the same “victim of fake news” story.

It’s this sort of knee-jerk reaction from the left that keeps me mindful of this story, as much as the evidence that cannot be debunked by them. In order to silence reason, the moniker “fake news” is used to silence any debate or discussion. The MSM leads the fake news propaganda, which is then parroted by a majority of social media minions. So who’s the fascist, again?

Why is it that the general public, as well as freelance journalists, are the only folks going through the wikileaks e-mails? If the Clintons are involved in a child sex-trafficking ring, why hasn’t the FBI initiated an investigation? Clearly the FBI doesn’t prosecute certain people. If there is nothing to hide, why deem it fake and not explain it?

Is it too unimaginable or grotesque to believe that our leaders are involved in something so perverse and sinister? Is the feeling that we-are-Americans-and-this-would-never-happen-here blinding us? If you’ve ever read or listened to David Icke, your first impression may be, “wow; this guy dropped too much LSD in the 60’s.” Then you start watchin some Marina Abramovic videos, and you’re thinkin, “if that shit’s art or cookin, I’m the Queen of England”. Maybe we don’t want to believe in evil, but it definitely exists. Pedophilia has existed since the beginning of time. The wealthy just have an easier time getting away with it.

Is Pizzagate just a string of coincidences? Ask yourself this: How many people who you know or worked with died suspiciously? How many of your friends were arrested for attempted kidnapping of children in a foreign country? How many of your friends were arrested or investigated for pedophilia?

The reality is that it’s wrong no matter one’s station in life. The MSM may call Pizzagate a witch hunt, but quite frankly, I hope the folks investigating will keep the pressure on.





9 thoughts on “When David Icke Starts Making Sense

  1. I must admit. I am impressed Kells !!!

    I didn’t think anyone frequenting these boards even KNEW who Icke was. His sources are very deep and he has been on the Statanic Pedophile thing since the early 1990s…..naming names etc…..and Hillary and Bill were included, as were MPs the Royal houses in Europe and Hollywood heavies.

    Again I am impressed that you would know of him.

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