Hiyo, Trigger! Away!

The “trigger warnings”, the “safe spaces” and these many protests are simply examples of adult children closing their eyes, holding their hands over their ears and yelling so they won’t have to face the reality in front of them. Calling normal people racists, bigots, homophobic, and Islamophobic are but different aspects of the same effort – to project anger toward others so that they never have to examine their own positions too carefully. Many today spend the balance of their time agitating simply to hide the weakness of their own positions. Facts be damned, they believe their position to be correct because they WANT it to be correct. More accurately, to even have the ability to continue, their position MUST be correct or their entire world will collapse around them like a house of cards.
In their minds there is a world where Hillary really won, because they really, really, really wanted her to win and any other outcome is inconceivable. Hillary’s victory is real because for their Ponzi scheme of a world to continue, it MUST be true.
One of the more common idioms in the US is this phrase. The etymology seems to trace this practice back to the middle ages where the villages were commonly a day’s travel apart. With cemeteries at edge of town, the spirits of the dead would come out at dusk and haunt travelers. The people believed loud noises/sounds kept spirits away, so tinkers and other tradesmen would bang their pots & pans, other people would whistle or shout loudly, thus hoping to keep the spirits away until one was past the graveyard.
Now that we are less inclined to worry about graveyards, to “whistle past the graveyard” has become a phrase to describe an attempt to distract oneself from impending doom by busying yourself with distraction…to ignore the risk in hopes that it just won’t happen and there will be a positive outcome, that you will make it past the graveyard without being accosted by any of the assortment of ghouls, ghosts and undead who may lay in wait.
What might be seen as strategy, meaning that these events and actions are a diversion while the true objective is being sought, is not in fact a diversion…it IS the battle. This is what they have. Their vacuousness, their inanity, their ignorance and their illogical positions are not mistakes or errors, these are their weapons.
Progressivism has been so dependent on post-modern thought for so long, they have created an unsustainable and fictional movie version of the real world where every problem is solved by a hero proposing a progressive solution, every rich person is evil and it is all wrapped up in a couple of hours.
There is a condition known as Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome where a person seeks avoidance of the everyday demands made by other people due to their high anxiety levels when they feel that they are not in control. Progressivism is a similar condition – is truly a mass psychosis promising a pain free existence – but that freedom from pain has a price – insanity.

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