Hacked Off

John Podesta believes the Electoral College electors need to be briefed on the supposed Russian hacking of both his emails and those of the DNC and whether or not there is an investigation of any alleged ties or collaboration between the Russian government and Donald Trump.


As long as the actual and ongoing investigation into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and Global Graft Initiative and the identity of all its foreign donors are also disclosed in this same briefing.

The Electoral College “revolt” amounts to 90% Democrat electors who aren’t voting for Trump anyway plus one “Republican” attention whore with about 15 seconds of his 15 minutes of fame left to go. There is no broad-based concern, it’s the same people who were pulling for Hillary in the first place.

Julian Assange has said that there was no hack of the DNC, the emails were leaked to them by someone inside the DNC. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has not agreed that the Russians hacked the Democrats to help Trump. Only the crazy, senile, despicable and thankfully retiring Harry Reid has alleged that the government has information on Trump and the Russkies that should be released.

Yet no Democrat has denied the veracity of the released information. Not a single one has honestly stated the content of the released emails is fake. Donna Brazille tried but that went nowhere because, well…she is a proven liar.

The sole purpose of this Kabuki Theater is to distract from Hillary’s troubles with the Clinton Foundation, her illicit email server (if the DNC was hacked, it is reasonable to assume that her home cooked server was as full of holes as a block of Swiss cheese as well), the DNC’s collusion with the American mainstream media, the rigging of the primaries against Bernie Sanders and to make Hillary look sympathetic compared to the evil Republican Trump.

Nate Silver has come to the conclusion that James Comey’s 11th hour notification to Congress of finding more emails tipped the election to Trump – even though Comey gave Hillary a massive pass back in the summer by not indicting her – when he clearly had enough evidence to do so. And no, Trump didn’t call for a foreign government to hack his opponent. He stated, tongue in cheek, that maybe the Russians could find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails.

I’m against hacking. I’ve no doubt the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, Anonymous and any other computer nerd in his mother’s basement with the requisite skills and enough of a supply of Red Bull and Hot Pockets are trying to hack the government 24/7, 365. If there is proof that a hack occurred, there should be retaliation but a simple hack is a far cry from collusion with a foreign government with the purpose of swaying the election.

The Democrats are now colluding with our own government in a desperate attempt to rewrite history and save Hillary from herself in any way they can. This is the same process as was used to pass Obamacare, a gimmick to get what they want. The ends justify the means even if they have to delegitimize the electoral process and burn the house down in the process. That’s what all the “but she won the popular vote” noise is about. The Democrats know that doesn’t matter. They know how presidential elections work – the same as their primaries do – on a state by state level.

Absent Democrat super delegates and state level primaries, one wonders if Bernie Sanders might have been the nominee instead of Hillary. That’s just as legitimate thought exercise as to speculate about a national popular vote count when the campaigns were not run on a national level.

The Democrats took the support from the Rust Belt so much for granted that Hillary didn’t even campaign in several of the key states she lost. Heck, even Red Jill’s recount effort in states key to Hillary failed to yield any positive results for Team Vagina. The fact is that Hillary was just a terrible candidate and the insular Democrats failed to connect with enough of their traditional constituency to defeat the less terrible Trump (who had significant opposition within his own party).

It must gall the Democrats to no end that they lost – but they did lose.

I personally hate the phrase “it is time to move on” because it has come to mean that people are tired about talking about something, not that the something has been resolved – but it is time to move on.

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