8584-911-call-bigfootFor those on the lookout for actual Hildebeast sightings in 2016, recent reports could reinforce your belief in the mythical creature. Chappaqua in north Westchester County, though, might not strike you as a place where these massive ape-like creatures could possibly show up.
But this is exactly where resident Beldar Galavan saw one for the first time in 2008. “I never thought a Hildebeast would be living this close to Manhattan. You kinda expect this kind of hippie, dope smoking stuff up around Woodstock, Saugerties or Phoenecia,” Galavan shared. “But once you see it, once you hear it, you become a believer.”
The Hildebeast Sightings In The Past
Frank Delmonico, administrator of the Facebook group Westchester County Hildebeast Research, vividly remembered his first Hildebeast sighting in 2012 while working at a roadside fruit stand up by Tompkins Corners off the Taconic State Parkway. He recalled the imposing physical features of what most people would describe as a modern day monster: a grizzled, hunchbacked, gray haired figure stumbling around on two legs as it climbed into a van.
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“I was baffled. In my mind I knew what it was, but I didn’t want to believe it,” Delmonico said, per The New York Times. “The only thing we could smell was this really musky smell, like a combination of flop sweat, dirty laundry, a wet dog and rotten eggs. You know, come to think of it, it smelled like a pile of used Depends adult diapers and vomit – sort of like what I would imagine desperation and defeat would smell like.”
Wanting to meet people who shared the same experience, Delmonico and Galavan asked around and was led to Richard Rabe, a local real estate agent. It was 10 years ago when he first chanced upon the humanoid he claimed stood a menacing 8-feet tall and was accompanied by a smaller version that Rabe said looked “Middle Eastern or some such.” Initially thought to be a juvenile, it appeared the smaller beast was simply a mate for the larger, more butch looking animal.
The Hildebeast Sightings In 2016
Meanwhile, the Hildebeast Field Researchers Organization in 2016 reported that there have already been 256 credible Hildebeast sightings in New York. According to the New York Daily News, the state has been ranked as the seventh most number of sightings in America as sightings in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania dropped to zero late in the year. Westchester County has racked up the most number of sightings in the area with 26 just since November 7th.
In late 2016, the Hildebeast Field Researchers Organization recorded a resident’s chilling encounter with the woman-beast. While traversing a dirt road on with her kids, the resident noticed a dead snake that wasn’t there when she and her group passed by the first time. While looking at the dead end of the road, a large creature – redish gray in color and leading a dog – appeared from nowhere and crossed the road.margot
Unfortunately, she was the only one who witnessed the incident. When he told the others that he had seen a Hildebeast, they explained it could just have been a deer or a cow.
She later returned to the same spot and was able to get close enough to the Hildebeast to
get a picture
as proof, sparking immediate interest and a new wave of intrepid Hildebeast hunters . Some of these are actually former big game hunters from Poughkeepsie who have been setting big game snares baited with used paper ballots, cash donations from Saudi Arabia and Russian vodka.
There was a reported Hildebeast sighting at New York City’s Javits Center in early November of 2016 but it turned out to only be a woman dressed in a hair-covered pantsuit.
These are just a few of the stories shared by those who’ve seen the creature, which has been part of American folklore for generations. Asked about this, Delmonico, Galavan and Pare agreed that the sightings seemed to peak every 4 years and it was likely that 2020 would be another banner year to spot the beasts.

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