Surely the year of our Lord, 2016, will go down as a biggie in the history books. In addition to celebrities dropping like flies, we’ve got libs and RINOs going #fullmeltdown. With Hillary losing the reins of all they hold near and dear, they have now taken their Russian narrative to inexplicable heights.

When the House and Senate passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, and Obama signed it into law, I got a really bad feeling. Basically, the press being owned by the govt. isn’t enough; Big Brother will now decide what is “fake” and prosecute what is actually true.

The govt.’s biggest problem in this 1984 shakedown, lies in social media: Chatty Cathys love to report the news in real time. Who am I kidding? The owners of these sites have shown that they are more than willing to quell the first amendment rights of anyone countering their socialist
SJW US govt. beliefs. These sites ban the user or put them in a temporary cyber jail. ßbeen there….bread and water only….. so sad!

With social media, you are actually able to watch events in real time. This reminds me of banned Twitter user, Rudy Giuliani. These archived tweets were apparently banned over the pizzagate scandal, but something else in them stuck with me. He mentioned the govt.’s use of CGI being so advanced, they could control what people saw in real time. If they can bring Peter Cushing back to life for Star Wars, what else can/will they do? Talk about taking fake news to new heights…..

At this point Americans are fed up with the POTUS who cried wolf, er, bear, and the anti-Semitic Secretary of State. In all probability, Trump will restore some modicum of sanity regarding foreign relations. I believe his biggest fight will be for the American people as he will be surrounded by a group of men and women who hold their power and wealth in DC very near and dear to themselves. After a majority passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, they’ve shown that, and no further proof is needed.

As Americans, we’ve got ingenuity. We are undoubtedly the most ingenious people on the planet. It would be in our best interests to pay close attention to the magicians in DC; they have mastered the art of sleight-of-hand. These distractions mustn’t deter us from fighting for our rights in 2017 and beyond. In other words: No lunch breaks for Lady Liberty.

Happy New Year!


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