Episode #3,987 of #ThisisHowYouGotTrump

Did White Supremacists or KKK members vote for Trump in 2016?

Perhaps – but those votes are no more likely than were the votes of Black Nationalists or members of the Nation of Islam for President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Does a Trump vote by a white person who is NOT a white supremacist or a KKK member mean they are a secret white supremacist or a KKK member?

Of course not, no more than a vote for President by black person who is not a black nationalist or a member of the Nation of Islam means they are a member of either of these groups.

According to Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart immediately after the election in 2012, it was simply because the black community identified with the President and inferred that he understood their personal experiences:

“For African Americans, Obama embodies their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The biracial son of a single mother who had his share of tough times but who also worked hard enough to walk through doors once thought impossible. Helping put him in the Oval Office was an act of pride for African Americans. Helping him stay there for a second term is as much about securing his legacy as it is reinforcing ours.”

American blacks inferred that candidate Obama understood the “othering” (to use a progressive left term) and the exclusion blacks have felt through discrimination and racism…and that is a totally valid response – actually it is a traditional American response – to engage in the political process to resolve such issues. We vote our interests.

Which brings me to Episode #3,987 of #ThisisHowYouGotTrump.

If anyone read the above and nodded their head in agreement, then you must do the same with what follows – if you are being intellectually honest.

If there is one thing that is proven to be present in America from its founding is a general sense of fair play. No doubt that this has been skewed at times but we do have an innate ability to sense injustice – that is what lead to the end of slavery, the Civil Rights era, and a black president.

In the world of the progressive left, to assuage feelings of discrimination and to offer reparations of damages occurring from those conditions (whether real or imagined) of a certain group, the chosen process is to discriminate against or punish another group assumed to be the perpetrator of said offenses. They also insulate the offended group from committing the same offenses in retribution by claiming, for example, that blacks can never be racist because they have no power and whites are always racist because they historically have had power. Americans have been willing to accept this as they tried to find way to reconcile historical wrongs and build bridges between the races in America – but some cases are a bridge too far.

The distrusting event of the Facebook broadcast of the 48 hour long kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled teen by four teenage assailants indicates a severe injustice, of that there is no disagreement. American society sees attacks on people who can’t defend themselves as particularly heinous. Any of us would throw such perpetrators under the jail for something like this – but in this case there is a race angle because the victim was white and the assailants were black.

The broadcast itself removes any doubt that racism motivated this. Forcing the victim to recite “F**k Trump” and “Say you love black people” leave little doubt. The fact the white teen was mentally disabled simply made him an easy target.

The reaction of the media, black pundits appearing thereon and other progressive organizations are instructive and do trigger the aforementioned American recognition of injustice. The length these people and organizations will go to excuse, explain away or simply ignore racism when the victim is the member of the white majority is remarkable. If this were a case of white assailants torturing a white disabled kid, this would be reported as an outrage against the disadvantaged mentally challenged in America. If this were a case of white assailants torturing a black victim (whether mentally disabled or not) and forcing them to say “F**k Obama and I love white people”, it would be the lede in every paper and at the top of every hour of news broadcast for months as proof of how racist America is, how much they hate the mentally disabled and how white people who voted for Trump caused this.

This event is an example of why many whites feel discriminated against. Any time a law enforcement agency delays in tagging a black on white crime like this as a “hate crime” as they did in this case, whites do feel they are discriminated against…and this delay is also common with Islamic terrorists as well – “Well Rachel, we may never know why they did this…”

Racism goes both ways. The answer to discrimination is NOT more discrimination. It is not to ignore, excuse or explain away an issue due to skin color. To recognize that there is reverse racism and that whites are discriminated against is not to be a member of the KKK or a White Supremacist, it’s just the American “fair-play” gene kicking in. White people voted their interests when they voted for Trump just as blacks did in voting for Obama. This Facebook torture case is the kind of injustice that explains #ThisIsHowYouGotTrump.

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