Goodbye, Mr. President.

I and many like me never bought into the “Jerry McGuire” idea that you had us at “Hello.” Neil Sedaka says that breaking up is hard to do…but with you, it really isn’t. Not for me anyway.

Mr. Obama, I need to be honest, I won’t miss you at all – but I know who will.

  • Iran…Iran will miss you. You have been one of the best friends they have had. You paid them. You relieved sanctions. You guaranteed them the bomb. Valarie Jarrett earned every dime of whatever they are to pay her this afternoon when your administration is officially out of office.
  • Raoul Castro…Raoul will miss you. His brother Fidel would have had he not assumed room temperature a while back. You have opened Cuba to something they desperately need – hard cash. They are yet another oppressive regime you have rescued from collapse.
  • The EU will miss you. They loved how your penchant for unilateral agreements on “climate change” fit the way they do business and they especially enjoy the antipathy for Great Britain you both share.
  • The mainstream media will miss you. You were their reason for living. For 8 years, they didn’t have to do any real reporting (unless they needed to protect you from a Republican), they could just sit back, relax and suck up the propaganda your paid liars spit out. God, we will miss the Tri-Delts, Jen Psaki and Marie Harf and the shameful John Kirby and Josh Earnest.
  • North Korea will miss you. They love you because you ignored them and just let them keep playing with matches.
  • China will miss you. You ignored their provocations in the South China Sea and never said a word about them occupying the Spratly Islands and if that wasn’t enough, building their own islands and then militarizing them.
  • Assad and Putin will miss you. They appreciated you never living up to any commitment you made, and found the “red line” comment particularly hilarious.
  • George Soros, Tom Steyer and their radical Alinskyite followers will miss you. These two billionaires knew all they had to do is throw a little cash your way and whatever progressive lunacy they could conceive, you would make real for them.
  • Finally, #blacklivesmatter, the self-loathing progressive white guilters, the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and radical Islamists will miss you for your help in furthering their agenda against white, Judeo-Christian America.

It should be noted that these are largely folks who want America to fail – but a large segment of America who do not want to fail won’t miss you – at all. Yours truly included.

Here’s what needs to happen now.

The first step is the Trumpublicans need to listen, learn and understand. The “establishment” Republicans need to understand the message of the Congressional elections in 2010, 2012 and 2014 wasn’t, “I love you, I want you back”, it was “the other guy treats me so bad, you are looking better all the time”. The 2016 message was “We are tired of being fed nothing but crap sandwiches. Anything is better than this.”

So, stop with the focus groups and the polling, get out of Washington and back to the states and mix with your constituents. Hold town hall meetings. Listen to what the electorate is saying. Eliminate the rules that set government apart from the private sector. Experience and understand what the folks are going through – in good times and bad.

The second step is to communicate. Republicans talk in terms of freedom, independence, self-reliance and self-determination. After nearly 70 years of industrialization, nanny state intrusion and socialist programs, these terms scare a large segment of the electorate. They hear them as “you are on our own, buddy”.

A large segment of our country will never own a business, never be comfortable with the risk associated with a potential business failure. They are quite satisfied to pull on the oars every day for someone who owns the boat if they can benefit from the security and take the rewards home to the family at the end of the voyage. These are not people who don’t appreciate independence in their private lives; they simply want economic safety and security for their families. These folks need to understand how classical liberal free market concepts will benefit them.

The last step is to cut the bullshit and deliver. Say what you are going to do and execute. Define the problems, measure them, analyze the data, improve the situation and control the process. It is as simple as that. Clean up the mess. Get out the scooper and clean up the poop every day. Pick up your own mess, stay home and away from the K Street bars. Create a high say/do ratio. Nothing speaks louder than action and if Republicans are truly listening to the people, those actions will be rewarded with more years of opportunity to continue down the path to a freer, safer country.

Goodbye, President Obama. America’s enemies will miss you but America won’t.

Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mr. President.

  1. I saw O leave the people’s house and he did not let the door slam him on the way out. I instantly felt much better although Chris Mathews noted that the President’s speech was “Hitlerian”. One would, of course, expect as much from Mr. Mathews, he of the tingling leg syndrome.

  2. Well …. He had ME at the “Hello”.

    “Hello…..I’m the Chicago hood rat come to spread racial hatred and extend Wilsonian/FDR Commie doctrine”.

    Buh-Bye O’Hood Lum !!!!!

  3. Utah,
    Good summation of Black’s sins, but I am amazed that all the sorrow is just pouring forth?

    Ages ago I informed all that the Obama ideology/performance was quite apparent if one
    was to read “his” book: “Dreams From My Father?”

    What I am greatly troubled about is all the current voters who voted for the FRAUD
    president, TWICE! The abomination is that THEY will still be registered(?) voters
    long after the FRAUD pressy has crawled into his domestic digs to conduct his
    Gyorgy Schwarts (Soros) bidding to denigrate/defame President Trump’s policies!

    The election will not be over until President Trump organizes his administration to
    purge the American Government of all the followers of the past FRAUD pressy!

    The Time Is NOW to TAKE NAMES and KICK ASS of all the ant-American degenerates
    and liberal democrats who populated the past administration and currently are hiding
    under their desks!

    We Will Make America Great Again!

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