Cat Walk

Yesterday a bunch of females (I think?) decided to put on knitted pussy hats and march to protest the president, or equal pay, or abortion, or actually, I have no clue what the hell they were marching for or against.

In the news the protests seemed to have various protest causes at particular marches across the land. I’m thinking when they got together to knit their pussy hats, each knitting circle came up with their own pet peeve. For instance; I know that actress Ashley Judd was very upset because she is sure the president is having wet dreams about his daughter. Apparently, she was in a different knitting circle from Madonna because the Like a Virgin singer was upset by the White House and wants to blow it up. (Some women just don’t appreciate old buildings).

Frankly, there are many instances when I’m embarrassed to be a woman, and these goof-nutsy protests were one of them. Do they not see how absofluckinglutely retarded they look and sound? There is nothing so loathsome as a gaggle of women gathered together to spew forth their “girl-power” reasoning. Why on God’s green earth any woman would deem a women’s march as productive, educational, or fun is beyond me. They could get the same by watching the View, or the Talk, or one of those hen-pecking SJW programs.

But the “I am woman, hear me roar” is their battle cry as they bitch and moan about BS that is of no substance. Of Trump: “Trump is misogynist!” Tell that to all his female employees. “Trump is racist!” Tell that to all of his minority employees. “Trump is Hitler!” Tell that to his son-in-law. Of Abortion: “It’s my body, I can kill if I want to!” It’s still legal, girls. Of Equality: “Equal pay for women!” Do a man’s job, then get paid likewise.

One thing that all of these marches weren’t lacking was the ugly gene. Seriously, even Scar-Jo looked pretty rough makeup free and with a new dyke do. It makes me wonder what kind of men sleep with these harpies who march for publicity while wearing pussy hats…

You know who the real woman was? Our new First Lady (emphasis on lady), Melania Trump. Wearing a baby blue cashmere Ralph Lauren suit, with matching gloves and shoes, she proudly marched aside her family a good distance up Pennsylvania Av…………. in stilettos. No pussy hat; just a coiffed, couture, class-act cat walk. You know what else? In history books, she is the only woman people will remember about this weekend. Meow.

12 thoughts on “Cat Walk

  1. No clue what they were marching for and then you go on and on about it. Do what you recommend for them and just shut up.

  2. Goodness, Mr Reinhofer must be having a bad year.

    Back in the 1970’s there was a reason for women to march & it was all about $. I, and many women like me, worked next to men who did the same entry level jobs, but at higher rates of pay. When I inquired about the issue my boss explained to me that the young man working next to me needed the extra money because he would soon have a wife to support. Yeah, right.

    Thankfully, those archaic ideas are mostly a memory now. Except in Hollywood where actresses almost always make less than their male counterparts. Go figure.

    Kels, the baby blue cashmere suit, with matching shoes & gloves was stunning & perfect for the occasion. You are absolutely right about which woman will be remembered at the 2017 Inauguration & it won’t be the ones in pussy hats.

  3. Here is my song to all the Illegal Douche-bags in our country……looks like the Wall has a fighting chance…..keep rolling out the door !

  4. My grandmother had a reason to wave a sign … she wasn’t allowed to exercise her right to vote until she was 30 years old. My mother had a reason to bitch and moan … when she didn’t live in Alaska, she had trouble finding housing if the landlord suspected she was an Indian and then if he also didn’t rent to women without a male co-signer.

    In my life, I have never encountered inequality because of my sex. I don’t think it exists. There have been times when my husband has made considerably more money than I have, but his is a dangerous, dirty job that requires a lot of technical expertise and is enhanced by having physical strength. The most dangerous thing I encounter in my profession is usually a paper cut … except when I worked for community mental health, but then I got paid well for the risks. My job requires a lot of knowledge too, which is why newbies in the field make a lot less money than I do. Coworkers, both male and female, who have worked longer in this profession than I have make more money. Those who took long periods of time off (you know, to have kids or climb Everest or whatever) often make less.

    Why are we unable to move on from the past and accept the progress that has been made? Why do some of us continue to insist that the inequality isn’t over until they personally receive something they haven’t earned from people who didn’t participate in that past inequality?

    I say that as a woman and as a tribal member. Racism and sexism ends when we stop picking at the scabs and move on.

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