Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder

We are witnessing a rare event – it appears we are witnessing the social and political equivalent of two celestial worlds colliding – or perhaps more accurately, the collision of matter and dark matter. We are witnessing the alternate reality of the left, 8 years in the works, collide head on into the real world of the rest of us. I feel pretty comfortable stating that my world is the real one because all things in it obey natural laws – I have no members of my reality “identifying” as any gender other than the one that matches with the biological sex they were born with or who set a rule that they shall not be presented with any idea or word that offends them as the basis for us to communicate. Up is up, down is down, hot is hot and cold is cold in my world.

But the thing about living in an alternate reality is that when you no longer control it, that reality ceases to exist. Maintaining an alternate reality takes energy and when you lose the power to drive your narrative into the culture and protect it through “alternate truth” and rationalization of failures into successes, you are now forced to live in in a world you no longer are equipped to deal with.

Square peg, meet round hole.

That seems to be happening to the progressive left now. The reason they sound so irrational is that they are trying to continue to force their reality on the larger population and they have lost control of government, their primary tool to create and sustain that reality. Another aspect of this President’s agenda that has them really shaken are the efforts to weaken the deep state through regulatory reform. As any good socialist knows, the real power is not in a democratic voting process, it lies in the creation of regulations by a bureaucracy.

I got a kick out of poking around looking for information on alternate realities and I ran across something that was sort of comedic and get this – there really is something called Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder. It’s not some sort of evil psychosis, although I suppose it could lead to more serious mental issues, but people who have FPP lead a rich fantasy life and seem to blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

There are supposedly 14 identified characteristics of fantasy proneness: (1) being an excellent hypnotic subject, (2) having imaginary playmates as a child, (3) fantasizing frequently as a child, (4) adopting a fantasy identity, (5) experiencing imagined sensations as real, (6) having vivid sensory perceptions, (7) reliving past experiences, (8) claiming psychic powers, (9) having out-of-body or floating experiences, (10) receiving poems, messages, etc., from spirits, higher intelligences, and the like, (11) being involved in “healing,” (12) encountering apparitions, (13) experiencing hypnagogic hallucinations (waking dreams), and (14) seeing classical hypnagogic imagery (such as spirits or monsters from outer space).

There is also a supposed high correlation between fantasy prone personalities and highly creative people, people who are neurologically predisposed to fantasy. It also appears there is a high degree of loneliness and an unrequited need for acceptance, so either they retreated into a fantasy world to cope with their loneliness and desire to be accepted, or they manufactured those conditions because they prefer their fantasy life to interacting with others in the real world. Additionally, in a fantasy world, a person can be important, powerful, and the moral authority – what you say goes in your own reality – and beyond that, you matter in your own world even if you are somewhat less in the real one.

This might be one possible explanation why there always seems to be a high degree of panic and hysteria within the Hollywood community every time their manufactured reality is shattered.

All fantasies aren’t of the Disney variety – there are dark, dystopian fantasies as well. Our friends on the left seem to have retreated into their dystopian worlds where they can matter – where they are important, powerful, and the singular moral authority.

The trouble with that is that their world isn’t real and it has collided with the real world. They aren’t liking it. Like a Martian trying to breathe in Earth’s atmosphere, it appears for the progressive FPPers, living in reality stings a bit.

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder

  1. well of course It’s More Complicated Than That…
    Fantasy-proneness isn’t really a disorder (so you can’t throw drugs at it) but there IS something related called Dissociative Identity Disorder. There are “issues” with it.
    Current Review:
    Brand, B. L., Sar, V., Stavropoulos, P., Krüger, C., Korzekwa, M., Martínez-Taboas, A., & Middleton, W. (2016). Separating fact from fiction: an empirical examination of six myths about dissociative identity disorder. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 24(4), 257.

    Click to access hvp-24-257.pdf

  2. ” ….. , but people who have FPP lead a rich fantasy life and seem to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. ”

    I have encountered this . Especially when trying to make heads or tails out of physicists attempt’s to model reality. Some say 26 dimensions…..some say 11 dimensions. If you want Gravity with Quantum reality ( want A Coke with that Cheeseburger ) you have to accept it this way or ….that way.

    My grounded in reality animals know there are only 3 plus time ( for Dinner….for snacks and so forth ). Whereas the even more grounded IRS tells me unequivocally there is only 1 dimension plus time….. The dimension of ” Pay up “……… by this point in TIME !

  3. Utah,
    Democratics (persons of the democratic party) are NOT logical, ethical or honest people!

    My favorite term to identify democratics is Solipsistic!

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