Beauty and the Beast


Breitbart dot com, before Steve Bannon turned the site into 24/7 Trumporn, led the fight against the lunacy of both the Democrats and progressive Republicans – and leading that charge was its namesake, Andrew Breitbart. Had he lived, he would have been 49 years old yesterday. Last night, I remembered a quote of his beginning with these words:

“What the left does is divide.”

Andrew was right. I’ve often remarked at how the “progressives”, using their chosen delivery vehicle – the Democrat Party – are able to unify so many disparate constituencies that have opposing or contradictory goals, at this they are a Party nonpareil. Division and keeping each group at arm’s length from each other is the key to their success – but that is only half of their strategy. The other half is actually telling each group how unequal they are as compared to others and how it is only they who can take from one and give to them to make them “equal”.

“Progressivism”/liberalism ideology and political strategy has always been prosecuted by the Democrats as a Dutch auction among their constituents. The Democratic Party is a huge building in which there is one long hallway lined with conference rooms on each side. They invite every aggrieved and leftist pressure group to join them and then carefully segregate and isolate each group into separate rooms. Then the Democrat pitch men go from room to room, promising to give something to each group and getting bids of loyalty from each one. Blacks are in one room, Hispanics are in another room, the poor in another, gays in another, environmentalists another, revolutionary Marxists another, crony capitalist whores in another room… all thinking that the Democrats feel their unique pain and love their money the most.

But history records that Democrats only love themselves.

Except for crooked, corrupt politicians, is there any Democrat constituency that can truly state that they are better off today solely due to their absolute fealty to the Democratic Party?

The Democrats pursue a pre-Brown v. Board of Education, “separate but equal” strategy, they just stopped wearing the hoods. When you think about situations like what happens every time a conservative speaks at a college campus or when a major “protest” is staged (funded petit-communists like George Soros) and realize that amazingly, the protest groups are inevitability constructed of groups that should be fighting each other, it is pretty amazing. I often wonder how it is possible to have anarchists and totalitarian socialist/communists allied together?

I’ve often thought that the most terrifying time to be a Democrat is at the presidential nominating convention when all the different groups are allowed out of their little ideological rooms and get to mingle. What has been the strength of Democrats is also their Achilles heel – the fact that their Party is a coalition of disparate, single issue groups, stitched together by political promises – their agenda is not really about support for a minority, is it? It is really about the accumulation and retention of power. The “progressives” have a history of uniting disparate radical groups who are opposed to what America really is – statists, communists, Marxists, radical black nationalists, counterculture rebels, anarchists, anti-religionists, anti-military – all are part of the “progressive” base.

Once these groups realize that there is no way for every group to have what they want – you can’t give the unions what they desire and give the environmentalists theirs, too – the game falls apart.

The only thing that prevents a complete disaster is the hysteria whipped up by the Democratic national leadership against the GOP – actually against any opposing group. Unsupported accusations of bigotry, racism, homophobia, callous greed, Islamophobia, hate and misogyny made against conservatives and the GOP, these are the ingredients of the Super Glue that holds the Democratic Party together.

If you want a vision of a progressive future, it is there for you to see – it isn’t a peaceful Utopia, it is last night’s violence at Berkeley and the radicalism of the “women’s” marches. it is permanent chaos and discord. If progressives were ever to win total control, the disparate groups would look around and realize that now their common enemy has been defeated, they are no longer surrounded by allies. They would realize the other factions were only allies of convenience and in truth, are enemies.

Then two things will happen – and it was proven to happen in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution when the communists split into Bolsheviks vs. Mensheviks and Trotskyists vs. Stalinists – the various competing groups go to war with each other and then the only solution is for the strongest entity to impose totalitarian rule “for the good of the people.”

To borrow some lyrics from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, it is a “Tale as old as time, True as it can be…”

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Remember ….. Breitbart under Bannon was first 100% Cruz. As were the owners….the Mercers.

    For what it’s worth I still think that is the case ……. the perspective changed to winning. But R Paul and Cruz have been featured much more since the election. And the idiocy of the likes of McCain is still being featured.

    President Trump said he hoped to come back to the National Prayer Breakfast for 7 more years. Winning and STAYING are the goals.

    With respect to the theme of your post. The Old as new is spot on…..paid agitators. And those who support them from the sidelines….Hollywood and limousine Liberals…… are well defined by Mark Steyn who says they “Take refuge in delusion”.

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