Big Differences

There is no doubt that there was/is paranoia on both the right and the left.

I was bitterly disappointed when Bill Clinton defeated H.W. Bush.

I admit to a great feeling of loss and concern when Barack Obama was elected. I felt bitter that we had elected someone I considered ill-suited for the job due to his inexperience, his incompetence and most of all, his love of socialist tenets and radical theology.

I think the difference between the left and right was/is how we both reacted to the bitterness.

The right reacted by exercising our own individual rights – in just a few personal examples, I strengthened my family’s personal protection by upgrading/adding to my arsenal and increasing my weapons proficiency through training and practice, securing a concealed carry permit and stocking up on ammunition – freely and legally exercising my Second Amendment rights.

The political right formed the Tea Party movement to speak out against a government we saw as damaging to individual liberty – exercising our First Amendment rights – and those protests were executed without a single car being burned or a single window smashed.

The political right saw the bias in the media, so it created/expanded an “alternative” media using the Internet and the free market responded with the creation of Fox News to report on other viewpoints.

The political right hunkered down and focused on what we could do to change it the next time around – because before Obama said it, we knew that elections have consequences. That’s how it works in a representative Republic.

These are just a few small examples, the important aspects of which are that we did them without compromising the rights of our opposition or anyone else…no collateral damage to anyone’s rights.

We did not call for gun bans or confiscation.

We did not call for free speech to be shut down to silence our opponents.

We did not breach the peace by rioting in the streets.

We did not call for freedom of the press to be curtailed.

We didn’t take to twitter with #notmypresident and work 24/7 to mainstream paranoia and delusional thinking. Quite the contrary, we shouted it down, forcing it to the outer edge of our ideology.

No, the progressive left was/is doing those things. The political right focuses on strengthening everyone’s individual rights whether they win or lose, the left focuses on taking them away from their opponents.

I’ve related before how my granddaddy always said to judge a man by what he does, not what he says. Using that standard, there is no question which side is on the side of individual liberty and the Constitution and who is not.

4 thoughts on “Big Differences

  1. There are still lefties breaking down and crying about Trump’s win 100 days after it happened. I’m not sure who came up with the “name” snowflakes, but I love it and use it a lot.

  2. Here is a Blogger who has a similar view. I got this reference from Mark Levin’s show where he read this. According to Levin the author/Blogger is an atheist but is ( correctly IMO ) calling for a concerted effort against the Left by defending Christian values and Christian civilization. The last sentences of his piece read :

    “Look at the terror. Look at Orlando, San Bernardino, Fort Hood. Look at the Twin Towers. Look at the whole history of the Middle East from the Battle of Lepanto to the Battle of Manzikert.

    Look at the riots. Look the 150 Million slain by Communism since AD 1918. Look at all the lies they tell, the Orwellian lies, from that day to this.

    The rioters and the terrorist have combined against us. Both use the same language of victimology, the same tactics of crybaby-bullies, who bludgeon girls from behind while weeping like brats that they are the wounded party. Both are utterly evil, and utterly blinded by their own self-righteousness. One is an open religion, the heresy of Mohammedanism. The other is a an agnostic and materialistic variant on the old, old heresy called Gnosticism, the belief that each man is his own god, and that God is a devil who must be reviled and overthrown.

    Look at the utter abandonment of any attempt of the Antichrist’s party to reason, or to settle differences of opinion peacefully.

    Look at the war. Conservativism is too short a blade to reach the foe. A crusade, based on Christian faith, Christian metaphysics, and a sound and rational philosophy is needed. Sheathe your knives. Let the cannons roar.”

    *I would highly recommend that folks read it here, very good and very True and jibes with Utah’s Post * :

  3. Utah,
    Truthful words all, but words (as you stated in your arming up) are not going to initiate the RADICAL
    change that MUST take place in the next two years: eliminating/firing all of the Africans that Black
    Obama hired in the past eight years! (He will be calling them into action?)

    President Trump’s ban on new hiring will stop the continuation of expanding (2 million?) government
    employees, but changing the policies will not be possible with the current despicable, degenerate
    liberal progressives, some of which are “Lily whites” in the Republican Party.

    When I stated “We Will Make America Great Again,” I trusted the Patriot American Public to do the

    What is very important now is TO LET PRESIDENT TRUMP BE PRESIDENT TRUMP!

    The lying (I agree with you Don), democratics are exposed for the colon extensions they are.
    Every new action they initiate solidifies their position as LOOSERS!

    Utah’s Grandaddy was correct: As long as the democratics continue with the LOOSER riot
    position, they will continue down the path of extinction?

    God Bless America!

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