HYPOCRISY IN THE HEADLINES: The Left’s Attack On Trump’s Alleged Ties to Communists

From The OYL

I cannot stand the hypocrisy in this nation any longer.  I will no longer tolerate hypocrisy from the people who are supposed to be leading, protecting and informing this nation — especially when they are using it to push personal and political agendas.  From now on, when I see such hypocrisy, I will clearly and forcefully illustrate it.  I begin with the current attack on Trump and these supposed connections to Communists in Russia.  But before I begin, I want to make sure the reader is aware that I am not a Trump supporter.  I am on record as having grave reservations about the man, and I have not changed that opinion.  Now, with that said, let me demonstrate how blatant the hypocrisy coming from the Democrats and ‘main stream media’ is on this issue.

The accusation is that trump and his people are too friendly with Putin and the Communists.  Set aside that Putin is now closer to a Fascist than a Communist, let’s just take a walk down memory lane to see how close the last President and his people were to Communists.  We’ll start with this:

How Could Obama Have Hired Van Jones?

For those who do not remember, it was discovered that Van Jones was hired by Obama.  Obama’s right-hand woman, Valery Jarret, boasted about how happy Obama and his people were to have hired Jones.  It turns out that Jones was an actual Communist.  He didn’t have ties to Communists, he was a Communist.  But the media never figured this out.  As the story clearly shows, Glenn Beck found out using a little known investigative tool called “Google.”  So much for the media caring about Communists in the White House — until now, that is.

But then, the media also missed this:

To avoid being mistaken for a sellout,I chose my friends carefully.The more politically active black students.The foreign students.The Chicanos.The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets.At night,in the dorms,we discussed neocolonialism,Franz Fanon,Eurocentrism,and patriarchy.When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake,we were resisting bourgeois society’s stifling constraints.We weren’t indifferent or careless or insecure.We were alienated.

–Barack Obama

For those who are not aware of it, Marxism is the strictest form of Communism.  Think of Marxists as the ‘Grand Dukes’ of Communism.  The ‘radical terrorists’ of Communism.  And Obama admitted to choosing them — intentionally — as his closest friends and advisers.  But then, Obama’s Father, mother, grand parents and mentor were all Communists:

The Roots of Obama’s Rage

Dinesh D’Souza was able to uncover all the proof of these FACTS necessary to prove these claims in a U.S. court of law, but — somehow — the ‘main stream media” couldn’t find any of it.  The ‘media’ even defended Obama by attacking D’Souza.  And for Obama’s part: well, he told the IRS to put D’Souza in jail for writing this book — and they did!  But don’t worry, we don’t have to worry about the Left doing anything like putting innocent people in jail.  That’s something only Trump would do.  I mean, it’s not like Obama and Hillary ever put an innocent filmmaker in jail to cover up the fact they let four Americans die to cover up the fact they sold weapons to Al Qaeda in Libya and were trying to get those weapons back so they could give them to ISIS in Syria (something else that is in the public record, yet the media still can’t find).

But, even if we excuse the media’s inability to find any of these Obama connections to Communism or Putin, how can one excuse their memory on this:


In case you didn’t bother to watch the video in that link, it was Obama — on video — telling a Russian diplomat that, after his last election, he will have more ‘flexibility.’  Now, to the media, which couldn’t find any of the evidence that Obama was a Communist, or — at the very least — a Communist sympathizer, well, I guess those words might sound innocent.  However, if they hear threats in things Trump’s people are alleged to have said, then how could they possibly miss the threats that actually were in Obama’s words.  Unless…..  Unless the media does not care about the truth, only defending the Leftist political agenda — in which case, they are not the ‘media,’ but the propaganda arm of the American Left.  Which, as it just so happens, is a rational conclusion that also happens to provide a perfect explanation for their hypocrisy.

12 thoughts on “HYPOCRISY IN THE HEADLINES: The Left’s Attack On Trump’s Alleged Ties to Communists

  1. Now the leftists seem to be at the final step of their strategy, accusing their opponents of being communists. The strategy of Antonio Gramsci has been most cleverly executed in America in the last 60 years, and the ‘Resistance’ movement seems to indicate we are in the last three paragraphs of the article I posted at the very bottom of signs1787.tumblr.com – 4 years ago, foreseen by its author 22 years ago.

    • BillC,

      The plans go back to at least the Wilson Administration, but the best intelligence on what they planned was uncovered during the investigations on Un-=American activities. The Left claims those investigations were ‘debunked,’ but the truth is, history has shown they were dead-on-target.

  2. Communists are fascist and vice versa.

    To say otherwise is perpetuating a lie that has deflected the necessary reflection and analysis needed to gain Liberty more than any other political lie.

    There is Tyranny and there is Liberty ………………. and that’s about it.

    The flavors of Tyranny are many and include : (1) Elitist or Oligarch control
    (2)along with the Tyranny of the majority…..Majoritarianism = Democracy.
    (3) It also includes the Tyranny of the Mob ( anarchy)….yes I know the textbook definition is complete absense of gov’t over the Individual- but it is wrong, just as the Communist/socialist versus fascist analysis is wrong.

    Liberty is a rare breed, and it also involves restraints in its real world execution.
    But the ideals and goals of Liberty are the polar opposite of Tyranny. Whereas Those “goals” are actually oppo-sames for Tyranny ( communism/feudalism etc) and fascism . The issue of corporate entities brought up is irrelevant. One only has to look at the Landed knobility to see that they were in fact the corporate entities of their day. And that corporate entities exist within all Communist-Socialist societies. It also is a deflection from the deeper truth.

    Compelling the individual or group of individuals ( corporate owners) to comply with the State under threat of punishment is the pertinent issue.

    islam compels conversion by way of this mechanism of intimidation and threat……various kinds of threat.

    Jesus compels by conviction of faith to follow the way…….. Free Will exercised…..a celebration of Individual Liberty.

    • I think I understand your argument, but — to be fair — there is a difference between a Communist and a Fascist. Communists think there should be no borders and total government control of the economy. Fascists like their borders and are willing to let people own and operate their own businesses — so long as they do what the State tells them to do. But, aside from that, yeah, they are pretty much the same thing: two different flavors of cod liver oil.

      • The reality is that it is a ‘distinction without a difference’. Any real difference. The false debate over this has served only to deflect from the Truth and avoid any real progress towards understanding the events of history. Instead of understanding we have Progressive dialectic and deflection. Thus real understanding spins its wheels while we debate the Leftist’s definitions and thus accept them as “truth”.

        With one there is “Control without power”

        With the other there is “power without Control”…………………………Control of course being reserved to the State in each…..thus each is the same as the other in ultimate State control. Communism is fascism and vice versa.

        To play in the sandbox of Progressive designed diversion does nothing but perpetuate a circle-jerk of false difference…..which in turn serves the leftist agenda.

        It’s high time adults put away childish things and focus on deeper Truths

        • Don,

          I agree. HOWEVER, if you call Communists, Fascists; and Fascist, Communists, you actually play the Progressive game and lose the debate. You can only gain control over it by showing people the REAL definition (not the one Progressives assigned, but the ones defined by the people who created this mess). Then — and ONLY then — can you explain why the Fascists and Communists fight each other while both fight the the forces of true liberty at the same time. Anything less than this and people think EVERYONE is the same and dismiss everything.

          You have to set the table before you can east, and — in this case — that means you have to fix and PROPERLY define/characterize all the players.

          • I have shown the REAL definition. The players are on the same team, or play in the same game. They fight for the same reason Kings have always fought other Kings……it is as old as human society. King Hitler fought King Stalin for land and ultimate Control ……. it is no more complex than that. However they roused the Troops is irrelevant. The forces of Liberty were engaged because they were attacked. Hitler foolishly broke his treaty with the Soviet Union before any significant wins in the West…..so he had a two-front war. Two warlords fighting each other while one fought the combined Republics.

            Liberty versus Tyranny, that’s it.
            It is the understanding and realization of this fundamental Truth about human society and human nature that allowed the Founding generation to formulate our Constitutional Structure. A structure that afforded the Christian Ideal the opportunity to flourish Civically, where it had more limited expression in Europe.

            The Founders and their antecedents had already fixed the players. Kings became Marxists in the ensuing decades….nothing changed except the name. Marxist doctrine was financed by the same German aristocracy that had financed the Jacobins in the 18th Century. Many of the same families in fact.

            The Dialectic requires opposing “forces” for its justification……Left and Right. A deflection which obscures the true division of Control versus controlled. The controlled focus on false distinctions and serve the dialectic instead of focusing on the true nature of Elite control over population…..ie, Tyranny. Focusing on Liberty requires a complete 180 degree turn of attention from artificially constructed conflict between right and Left. That turn is never gotten to because of this wallowing in the false narrative of the dialectic.

            Put up the pail and shovel…..leave the sandbox…..and focus on Truth. The Lord did not speak of the Flavors of government, but of the Free Will of the individual. The Founders got it. We need to re-get it.

            • Don,

              If I accept your premise, and I think in the terms you just provided, then I leave a lot of people thinking they are on the side of liberty when, in reality, they are with the forces of tyranny. In this case, it applies to people in both Parties, but mostly those in the GOP who call themselves ‘Conservative.’ They do not see that they are with tyranny because they cannot see the GOP is Fascist. The Dems — those who might actually want Liberty — do not see they are with tyranny because they cannot see they are with the Communists. So BOTH think they are for liberty when — in reality — both have lent their voice to tyranny.

              Now, how would you resolve this problem? If you do not explain the flavors, then how do you convince the duped they are fighting for tyranny in BOTH Parties? Because they ARE!

              • I agree with your first paragraph except for the phrase “mostly those in the GOP who call themselves “conservatives”. It is rather equally spread among all . Including all in Europe and the West. In fact we would be hard pressed to find anyone ANYWHERE on any continent that doesn’t engage in this false distinction. That’s how deeply embedded it is.

                The recent “movement” here and in Europe towards focusing on the Globalist versus Sovereign Nation I think is a crack in the armor of this false narrative. The Tea Party really did ( does) have elements which harken back to Free Will versus Control paradigm. However the Link to Christ and Judeo elements of Free Will as relates to the Creator isn’t as wide spread as you know well.

                • Don,

                  I am not trying to pick a fight with you. I am on the side of liberty, and I want the same thing you say you want: Liberty. But I am not making false distinctions. There are two sides here: Liberty and Tyranny, but there is only one flavor of Liberty while there are many flavors of Tyranny. However, Tyranny likes to paint itself as Liberty, and if a person does not know how to spot the different flavors, they can and WILL fall for the lie. Case in point: people have fallen for the lie that “Conservatism” = Liberty. IT DOES NOT! But, unless we are willing to get into the details of the definition, then there is no way to explain this. A “Conservative” will just point to the founders and claim they are the same and assume the mantle of Liberty when — IN REALITY — the Conservative is little more than a Fascist.

                  Now, I understand if you do not like or accept this, but it is the current styate of our society. YOU ARE CORRECT! People have been so confused that they no longer know the difference between Tyranny and Liberty, but that is what I am trying to do. I try to explain the principles of Liberty while — at the same time — explaining the differences between the different forms of Tyranny. I do this so people can know and understand these differences. It is the only way they will be able to spot them for themselves and make a correct decision for Liberty over Tyranny. But, if all we say is the battle is between Liberty and Tyranny, then how do you know whether the Progressive’s claim to be for Liberty is correct, the Conservative’s claim, the Libertarian’s claim, etc??? You don’t — because you can’t!

                  Again, we are not enemies i this cause. It’s just that you have seen more of the decay for longer than most and are impatient. As for me, I have come to understand that we no longer have the foundation upon which to build. Our founders had it, it was built during the great awakening. But we need to have a 4th awakening, and that starts with the most basic principles. Sadly, even those have been lost. So, if no one is going to teach them, how can we ever expect anyone to learn them, let alone enough people to make a difference in the tide?

                  • A simple but effective way is the claim to “interpret” the Founders that the Progressives line up to promote. “Living Documents” and all that.

                    Followers of the True way do not claim superior knowledge of the Founders intentions nor make subservient to history or fashion the Founder’s adherence to Free Will as expressed in Judeo-Christian ideology.

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