CONNECTING THE DOTS: Before You Dismiss the Accusations of a Trump-Russia Connection…

From The OYL

In my last post, I chastised the political Left in America for their attacks on Obama.  Though they may have a point, they have no moral credibility.  They were blind to all the lawlessness under Obama (as well as with Bill Clinton before him and Hillary after).  Consequently, their sudden ‘conversion’ comes across less as a sincere warning than hypocritical whining by a bunch of sore losers who are demonstrating they have no problem with using violence to get their way.  Frankly, I have little tolerance for such people.   I see them as little different than the terrorists.  After all, both are using violence and the fear of violence to affect their political agenda, which is the very definition of terrorism.  So it is no wonder so many are ignoring the American left.  However, not all those warning about a possible Trump-Russia connection fall under this condemnation.  There are a few voices out there who were also against both Clintons and Obama, and now they are warning us about troublesome connections within the Trump Administration.  Please, hear me, and hear me clearly: do not ignore these voices; the voices that have been consistent in their concern for this nation and the rule of law.

This is one of the areas where Glenn Beck provides a valuable service to this nation.  He warned us about the Communist connections inside the Obama Administration, and revealed actual Communists working directly for Obama’s inner circle (remember Van Jones?).  While he was still with FOX News, Beck detailed all the connections between Obama and SEIU, SDS, TIDES and all the other subversive Communist organizations working with and supporting Obama’s agenda.  Later, Beck revealed all the connections between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization officially named by the FBI as a supporter of terrorism against America: an organization whose leaders have openly declared that their ultimate objective is to replace the U.S. Government with an Islamic Caliphate.  And lest we forget, Beck detailed the coming Caliphate long before it happened.  He also showed that Obama was placing high-level Muslim Brotherhood operatives in key positions within the State Department, Department of Defense, Homeland Security and our Intelligence Agencies.  People laughed at Beck when he revealed all of this to us, but all of these things were eventually proven to be true.  Beck has demonstrated a solid track record on these matters.  So, why would we dismiss his warnings about the connections between Russia and key figures inside the Trump Administration?

Now, if you support Trump, please stay with me.  Beck has not accused Trump directly.  In fact, he has been consistent in his position: that Trump does not know about these connections.  The problem is that Trump has sympathies toward the agenda these people are pushing.  Consequently, he sees no threat in the people closest to him.  Lest we forget, this is very similar to FDR’s embrace of the Communists in his own Administration.  FDR was a dictator at heart, himself, so he had a natural affinity and affection for people such as Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin.  Granted, the war changed some of this, but the damage had been done long before the war started.  By that time, FDR’s Administration was already riddled with Communists.  And history has revealed that many of them were spying on America, and they used their positions within the government to advance the cause of Communist Russia — even at the expense of U.S. security.  This is what Beck is trying to tell us: that there are strong signs that Communist sympathizers are inside the Trump Administration.

Now, I understand that it is easier to accept the stories of a secret Obama ‘shadow government’ working to bring Trump down.  In fact, I have no doubt such a ‘shadow government’ actually exists.  But it is not Communist, it is Islamic!  Soros tied the Left to Islam for political expediency, but the people who thought they were using Obama were the ones actually being used.  Obama may have Communist tendencies, but his actions clearly reveal his allegiances are with Islam, and specifically, Shi’a Islam (i.e. Iran).  Lest we forget, Obama warned us about this long before he ever ran for President he would stand with the Muslims over the defense of this nation.  It is in his own book, and though people have tried to say this is not what Obama meant, it is most certainly what he said.  This is why he destroyed relations with Russia: because he sided with Iran and Shi’a Islam.  This put him in direct confrontation with the Communists still embedded in the U.S. Government, media, entertainment industry and academia.

Yes, you read that correctly: i said there are still Communists and Communist sympathizers embedded deeply in the U.S. Government, media, entertainment industry and academia.  They have been there since the days of Woodrow Wilson.  It can be shown, but that is the subject of a longer series of posts.  The biggest thing we need to keep in mind right now is that history has shown McCarthy was correct.  None of the people he accused of being Communists were innocent.  He was correct on every count.  What’s more, many of those people were in areas other than government.  They were in the media, our entertainment industries and our colleges (later our public schools, as well).  Worse still, some of them are still in such positions!  They never left, because the Communists never stopped trying to overthrow this country.

Now Beck has revealed the connections between Steve Bannon, a close Trump confidant, and Dugin, a very dangerous Russian advisor to Putin.  Once again, Beck is trying to warn us, and — if we are wise — we will not ignore him:

Understanding Russian Alexsandr Dugin and the Inevitability of WW3

Beck Blitz: Who’s Aleksandr Dugin?

The reason Beck is so alarmed is because Bannon uses the same language as Dugin (which is how these people can talk openly without being understood by anyone but those in the know — just the same way Progressives do it in America).  But there is more to Beck’s fear than this.  People will try to tell you Beck has personal motives for his attacks on Bannon, but keep this in mind: Beck is an outlet for the people inside our government and intelligence community!  Those who have listened long enough may remember that Beck used to admit he gets his information from people who are in position to know the truth, but who refuse to come out and make their knowledge public, themselves.  Beck also has several former CIA and intelligence operatives on his staff, and they still have their contacts into those communities.  This means Beck likely has much more information about these subjects than might be assumed (it also explains how and why he has been so accurate on so many similar issues).  Consequently, it is very likely that there is something here.  The chance that some of Trumps inner circle are connected to Russia is very possible, even likely.

Now, I understand that Trump supporters will not want to hear this, but it is serious enough to consider and investigate.  The problem there, however, is that we cannot trust the GOP to investigate these matters anymore than we can trust the Democrats.  The GOP leadership is most likely part of this; part of the ‘shadow government.’  What is the answer?  I honestly do not know.  All I know is that Beck’s record is too good and too accurate to just be dismissed because we do not like the message.  If we are wise, we would do well to look into this rather than dismiss and/or ignore it.

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