As we saw in the election results, the majority of Americans knew very well that it was time for the Obama Socialism Train to be derailed. Being a newly-minted small business owner, I couldn’t be happier riding the Trump Capitalism Train. What surprises me are all the Debby Downers who can’t stop whining about his presidency….

Honestly, I believe it’s time for Trump supporters to take action. Here is a list of ideas to counter all Les Miserables:

First off, we need to disrupt the crazy cat ladies; you know; the ones that dress as vaginas or top their heads with pussy hats to march against Trump while screeching about their right to kill babies? Yeah, those are the ones…………. and they’re crazier than a cat without a tongue. Ideal solution: “Borrow” their pet cats (they have more than one) and commence to feeding them a carnivorous diet. Once the cats are returned to their less-than-stable owners, the felines’ newfound frisky behavior will be too overwhelming for the CCL’s (crazy cat ladies) to handle on their own. As a result, the CCL’s will become heavily involved in cat therapy sessions, thus consuming the time they would normally waste by marching and/or posting annoying, nonsensical FB posts.

Next up are the free shit army. You know; the lazy, entitled millennials who like to burn or destroy property which, ironically, is owned by Hillary supporters? Yeah, these are the “gifted” bullies who harass and cause bodily harm to those with a different ideology. There is a simple solution for the FSA: (free shit army) free shit. In the midst of a rowdy, out-of-control “march” — you know, like the Not-My-President-blah-blah-blah protest du jour or whatever — you drive by in an ice-cream truck playing Bob Marley’s “Legalize It” and touting, “Marijuana Brownies: Buy One Get One Free”. The streets will clear faster than a burka-wearin Muslim leaving a bag unattended in a crowd.

The last issue is the media. If we start supporting independent journalists who are actual journalists, then voices that have not been heard will have a new audience and take precedence over fake or biased news. After all, it’s these types of journalists who are exposing the MSM lies. In the meantime, the solution to any article that you deem iffy, put Fake News in the comments. Let them cite their proof for a change.

Now I’m no genius (I don’t do graphs) but the most important thing a Trump supporter can do is stay positive. With a healthy sense of humor and joy in the heart, you will remain smarter, stronger, and sexier than the Trump haters. #truth



3 thoughts on “Solutions

  1. Don’t we all just love how the women in their poo-SAY caps, “free sh!t army” and the mainstream media are all fully funded and ready to go at a moment’s notice…

    …and the rest of us are still in the planning stage of our brilliant solutions with no funding in sight.

    Therein lies the power of the left.

  2. Agree with your supporting Independent ( read REAL ) journalists, and calling out FAKE NEWS. And staying Positive !!!

    Don’t be afeared though… assured : Good Gurz do Graphs.

    As to the Street thug disruptors….agree with Silence….we need to be pro-active ! And we need to show them they will be WALKED ON !

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