LESSONS IN LOGIC: Why Do We Assume Government Is Immune To Greed?

From The Road to Concord (www.theroadtoconcord.com)


The Left likes to attack ‘Capitalism,’ saying that ‘Capitalism’ is the source of greed and corruption in society.  But how can they believe such a thing?  Do they honestly believe that the people in government are less human than those in private business?  Or that being in government service somehow immunizes a person against greed or corruption?  If they do, I have to wonder what it must be like to live in their world?  Exactly what are the colors of the Mad Hatter’s outfit, and how late is their rabbit?  And will they ever find their way back out of that looking glass?

Now, I know my words sound judgmental and harsh, bu, if they sting, then they are a warning to whomever feels their bite.  To those to whom my words do not apply, there is no pain — save, perhaps, for a feeling of frustration and lament.  But…

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