5 Reasons We Will Never Say “President Hillary”

There are now books being written, reviewed and discussed about why Hillary Clinton lost. She has publicly blamed educated white women, the Russians, James Comey in specific and males in general. The books blame her campaign organization and the fact she was simply a flawed candidate, one so flawed that she lost to an even more flawed candidate with a better strategy.

It’s actually very simple. Here are my 5 Reasons I Don’t Have to Wake Up to a President Hillary:

  1. She lost because she expected to simply be anointed as victor. She was next in line and had lost in the 2008 primaries to a popular Democrat who was popular due to his race. She expected to ride the same wave of identity politics that popularized the idea that having a black president was somehow cathartic for America and evidence of America’s remorse over slavery. She expected that simply being a woman would give her the same or even greater advantage because there are even more women in America than guilty white liberals and blacks.
  2. She lost because she was told she was a lock. That Hillary would be the First Woman President was a foregone conclusion in all the mass media. Before she announced, the MSM was begging her to run – just as they are begging Fauxcohantas Warren now. From the start, she was the anointed successor to Obama. The media sought to apologize for their tawdry, slavering love affair with Obama in 2008 that cost her the nomination by covering her with soft focused cameras and softball interviews. After all, in the world of a race obsessed media, while being black doesn’t trump being a woman, it trumps being a WHITE woman, so the media sought to elevate her as their apology for supporting Obama. In the Democrat party, racism always defeats feminism. Since even before the first vote was counted on election night she was considered the winner, instead of working for votes, her campaign simply took key battleground states for granted – and they lost them, albeit with narrow margins but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, not the Electoral College.
  3. She lost because she is a Clinton. Being a Clinton means that she is a lying, parsing, corrupt and self-absorbed political creature, one so self-absorbed and lacking such self-awareness as to believe everything bad that happens is someone else’s fault and all good things are direct results of her actions. More than that, the Clinton political stance is known to be more moderate than left wing – actually it is more political opportunistic than ideological – this was a death sentence in a Democrat Party that has moved so far left that it it now chaired and co-chaired by a committed socialist (Tom Perez) and a Muslim congressman with ties to radical Islamic groups and the unindicted co-conspirator organization, CAIR (Keith Ellison) and whose current “stars” are a Vermont socialist who isn’t even a Democrat and a raving lunatic communist, who lies about being Native American for purposes of personal advancement. I don’t think the party of Mondale ever forgave Billy Jeff for pausing the Democrat lurch to the left in 1992.
  4. She lost because even rank and file, dirt under their fingernails Democrats thought she was a reprehensible human being. The private email server/national security breach/wipe it with a cloth thing mattered to them. The evasion, outright lies and misrepresentations mattered. Huma Abedin’s connections with the MoBros bothered them. The thought of two women running the White House who had such bad judgement to marry philandering sleazeballs like Bill Clinton and Carlos Danger bothered them. To a surprising majority of Democrats, character actually mattered.Beyond a small and dedicated group of Democrat insiders (including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazille and the Superdelegates), Hillary is despised – the more she appeared in public, the lower her poll numbers dropped.
  5. She lost because she ran a “Prevent Defense” campaign. In the words of legendary football coach John Madden, the only thing a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning. Her opponent didn’t expect to win but campaigned to win. Trump targeted key states where he could move the needle with his populist message and win electoral votes and ignored those states that were lost (like California). They counted on her national “popularity” (as shown in the national polls) to carry the day when in actuality, Trump won narrow victories in enough battleground states to win a decisive Electoral College victory even as she won the popular vote by about 3 million votes (primarily from California and New York).

None of these 5 reasons should come as a surprise, they all have been known for years. These were just the things that had to be overlooked to assume another Clinton presidency.

Hillary Clinton will never be my president – and I can’t tell the cosmos how much I appreciate that.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Will Never Say “President Hillary”

  1. High 5 on this pos !

    Just re-watched the Movie *13 Hours* about what Hillary let happen in Bebghazi…….saw again the Video on *Clinton Cash* where she sold OUR Uranium to the Russians…….. And Her cover-up of all of Bill’s rapes. NOW it turns out Chelsea’s husband lost90+ % of the Hedge-fund money and had to closeit—-he’d been using Clinton Foundation Money to prop it up !!!

    Clinton = Crook = Criminal.

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