Same As It Ever Was

The media is claiming that free speech has been killed at the UC-Berkeley campus. The crusade for free speech didn’t end at Berkeley – simply because it never began at Berkeley.

What is happening today is not to be unexpected. It is sort of a natural progression.

If you examine what happened at Berkeley back in the 60’s, the protests were not for free speech, they were for free MARXIST speech. They were fighting a national political structure that was decidedly the anti-communist conservatism of the times, rolled into the ubiquitous entity they called “The Man.” “The Man” were the anti-communist, pro-business, pro traditional family Democrats and Republicans in charge of the country. This was speech cloaked in the assumption that when the activists said free speech was for “all”, that “all” actually meant “everybody”.

It didn’t mean that.

It didn’t mean that AT ALL.

The Free Speech Movement at Berkeley was an extension of SLATE, Berkeley’s student political party and the first of the student organizations in the rising New Left and student movements. It was instrumental in shaping the political atmosphere of UC Berkeley during the 1960s and was a model for other progressive student groups throughout the country. FSM and SLATE were closely aligned in intent with Students for a Democratic Society – a violent group with demonstrated Marxist ideology.

“Free speech” to a Marxist doesn’t mean the same as it does to the rest of us. To them it means “I talk, you shut up.” It means that what they have to say and what they think are superior to your words and thoughts and nothing else needs to be said because they have already said it all. Marxist speech always begins with eliminationist rhetoric and ends with exclusionary totalitarianism.

It is impossible to be pro-Marxist and be for free anything because Marxism only provides the freedom to be enslaved – mentally, physically, and most of all, spiritually.

Berkeley today is always what Berkeley has always been – a Marxist enclave where free thinkers think only Marxist thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Same As It Ever Was

  1. Well said. Had the UC Board of Regents had the intellect and courage to shut the lawlessness down then it might have died. I doubt they or the faculty and UC Berkely administration even disagreed with the students. Small factoid: Mario Savio, free speech leader and sit-in student ended up a bartender in Sausilito.

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