Waiting for GOPdot

Does the media have the right to ally with the Democrats in their quest to take over a duly elected government?
Sure they do.
It’s not illegal. It may be unethical and unscrupulous – but that doesn’t matter. They could care less. It’s all about winning and winning so much they will be sick of all the winning.
General Patton once told the troops that you can’t win a war if you are not prepared to play by the rules of your enemy. If you are not willing to go as low as – and maybe even lower than – your enemy, to do at least as much harm to him as he is willing to do to you, you will lose.
The progressives are willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how low, to win. When they adopted postmodern philosophy as a guiding principle, all constraints were removed. Principles, societal mores, religious beliefs and lack of the consent of the governed were no longer obstacles, they became minor annoyances.
The appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Russia “matter” after sitting on their hands for the IRS targeting, Hillary’s bathtub email server, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Holder ignoring Congressional subpoenas, Obama siphoning off funds to pay for Obamacare, the Iran deal and many other Obama era scandals proves the right will never understand the wisdom of General Patton and will continue to be the equivalent of dog crap on the bottom of the Democrat’s shoes.
And now the squishy Republicans and those still in the Libertarian NeverTrump camps are taking this opportunity to voice the word “impeachment.”
OK. Is Trump a liar – probably – but the past 8 years of “you can keep you doctor/plan if you like your doctor/plan” and “I read about it in the morning paper just like you did” established that presidential lying is not an impeachable offense.
Sure, Trump can’t get out of his own way long enough to gain any forward momentum and the marshmallow soft spines in Congress aren’t with him to be sure. Trump’s incessant playground whining about how poorly he is treated isn’t helping. Suck it up, buttercup. You are the most powerful man in the world and politics ain’t beanbag. Grow a set. Try a little conservatism – if you are going to get hit, might as well get hit doing principled things…and this isn’t just about Trump. This is about stopping the progressives from implementing their version of a final solution. Progressives cannot be allowed to win. We are all going to pay a price one way or the other.
Supporting Trump may be the only way to get a stop.
What makes it difficult for me is that there are few in Congress who show the moxie necessary to put up more than token resistance. What an opportunity for a truly transformational conservative leader to step up…but as Vladimir and Estragon waited for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrived, I fear we are also waiting for GOPdot.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for GOPdot

  1. “OK. Is Trump a liar” Yep, like every single one of the DC politicians. These last 8 years have shown me that lying without having to refute it is what helps move a politician further up the ladder.

  2. As usual the RINOs are snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Nothing new about that but it would be new and refreshing to have the voters term limit a few of them. Perhaps they could start with McConnell, McCain and Ryan. I will do my part and try to primary a new Senator to replace Cornyn.

    • Let’s change that to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. sheesh I must be getting burned out on all this monumental waste of time and money we call a government.

  3. About nails it.

    Trump failed to recognize evil and allowed it more room to grow. Immediately on being sworn in he should have had all the letters ready and fired every and anyone appointed by or who had worked for Obama. Pack up your personal items and have fun in the private sector.

    Self destruction by arrogance!

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