A Failed Grande Experiment

The terrorist attack in Manchester should mark the end of a Grande Experiment.

Sadly, this quote by the mayor of Manchester indicates it won’t be:

“The message that I would want to get over — and this is how the vast majority of people feel — this man was a terrorist, not a Muslim. The worst thing that can happen is that people use this to blame an entire community, the Muslim community.”
I don’t blame all Muslims but it is idiotic not to recognize the role of Islam in the attack. Reportedly the bomber, Salman Abedi, was a devout Muslim, his family were heavily involved in the Muslim community in Manchester and before he went to pieces, he was “angry” about the treatment of Muslims in Libya.

AGThe attack on pop princess Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” tour performance should shake First World progressivism to its core because Grande is the 23-year-old avatar for the Hollywood limousine liberal set. She got her first break on Broadway in 2008, then moved to Nickelodeon until 2014 and after that began a recording career. I don’t deny that to achieve the success she has that she hasn’t worked hard and has some talent (she isn’t my cup of tea) but there also can be no doubt that she has been coddled and shielded from the real world – she has grown up in show business and due to early “stardom” has led a privileged existence.

In 2005, TMZ posted a video of Lick-Gate in which Grande and some of her compatriots were pictured licking unpurchased donuts as she is overheard saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Later she issued an apology for her “poor choice of words” in a statement, saying that she is “extremely proud to be an American” and was simply “upset by how freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences that it has on our health and society as a whole.”

Grande is solidly in the Katy Perry School of Foreign Policy and its ““No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist” platform.

In its purest form, this attack represents direct contact between First World progressive lighter than air, Utopian sensibilities and the gritty, violent death cult world of Third World, 7th Century Islamic radicalism. It’s the ultimate clash of oil and water, the effete platitudes of “can’t we just get along” versus the chants of “Death to the Great Satan.” There are no two things more in opposition than the libertinism of the entertainment industry and the fundamentalism of radical Islam.

I’ll stipulate that this isn’t strictly about Islam. If that is true, then what it is about is a war between an uncivilized world taking its cues from the Koran and a civilized world taking its cues from Judeo-Christian traditions (even though more people than ever are walking away from those traditions). First world civilization made it possible for Ariana Grande to hold a global concert tour. In fact, it allows her to exist and a millionaire pop star who parades scantly clothed on a stage and not wrapped in a burka and kept barefoot in a mud hut.

I think it was Pamela Geller who said, “In the battle between the civilized man and the uncivilized man, side with the civilized man.” Islam or not, it is not a matter of question that when a man blows himself up with a bomb loaded with shrapnel in a crowded public venue in Manchester, England, that is not an act of a civilized man.

J.R.R. Tolkien captured the proper response to events like Manchester in Aragorn’s speech at the Black Gate:

Sons of Gondor! Of Rohan!
My brothers.
I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.
An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight!
By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!

8 thoughts on “A Failed Grande Experiment

  1. Until the 99.99% of Muslims (?) that are NOT terrorists stand up and STOP the .01% that are terrorists from doing these MURDERS in the name of ALLAH, ALL Islam will be blamed in my mind.

  2. I blame all muslims….. I don’t have any problem saying it either. The instructions to kill ALL nonbelievers are claerly written in the koran. Any muslim who doesn’t admit to this is engaging in a form of official lying….they can talk about ” interpreting” all they want. The koran is clear on this point. And the entire history of islam supports this koranic call to kill the infidel( non believer).

    The muslim community is engaged in Jihad…. violent jihad….Civilization Jihad ( using western freedoms against the West to bring us down) and Silent jihad…..”moderate” muslims doing nothing to battle the violence.

    And the then there’s the HATE directed at the West from the likes of Ariana ( Antifa) Grande and her ilk.
    The ” I HATE America and I HATE Americans” Ariana Grande ….. she and the rest of the left enable the muslims.

  3. Here’s to the moo-slimes the haters on this Board:

    7 Most Alpha Quotes From Secretary Of Defense Marine Corps Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis

    Marine Corps Gen. James “Mad Dog” MattisOn war protesters:
    “When you men get home and face an anti-war protester, look at him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend because she knows she’s dating a pu$$y.”

    On the importance of artillery:
    “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes. If you f**k with me, I’ll kill you all.”

    Mattis delivered this gem after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 while meeting with Iraqi elders in his unit’s area of operations.

    On woman-beaters:
    “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. Actually it’s quite fun to fight them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right up there with you. I like brawling.”

    Mattis offered these thoughts on domestic abuse during a panel discussion Feb. 1, 2005.

    On manners:
    “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

    Mattis gave us this thought in 2004 while in Iraq.

    On a$$holes:
    “That said, there are some a$$holes in the world that just need to be shot. There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, cunning, obedience and alertness, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim. It’s really a hell of a lot of fun. You’re gonna have a blast out here!

    “Mad Dog” delivered this comment during a gathering of 200 Marines.

    On history:
    “I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years.”

  4. And here is violent jihad from the mouth of mohamedd the pedophile himself….from their book of filth itself:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).

    Muslims become very angry when they are confronted with this statement. No, Muslims are not angry at Muhammad who made this statement, according to all islamic scholars. Muslims are not angry at their parents who have passed such a religion on to them. Muslims are angry at non-Muslims or former Muslims who point to this statement by Muhammad to indicate that there is a problem with Islam. This is a symptomatic phenomenon of Islam and quite unique indeed. When someone mentions that Muslim-terrorists are bad and commit evil acts in the name of Islam, Muslims generally do not respond by saying that this is right but instead they say that the messenger is racist or islamophobe of hateful because everyone knows that those Muslim-terrorists follow a so-called perverted version of Islam.


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