The penchant for hyperbole as practiced by the American left indicates something more than the defense of a belief they are elite, superior and destined to rule. Many have proposed that progressivism is a religion and the reason the left reacts so harshly to disagreement is that they believe they are defending the one true religion from apostates who have adopted conservativism – and there can be no doubt that there are a multitude of true believers on the left – but when you make everything about you and every opposing view is a mortal threat to your existence, there is something else at work.
You know what I mean. Trump is going to turn the planet into Venus by withdrawing from a “climate accord” that even its creators agree will do nothing of significance – and it will take a century to do that nothing. Dana Loesch and the NRA calling out AntiFa violence is the same as inciting violence, especially since by Terry McAuliffe’s count, 93 million people are killed by renegade guns every day. Disagreement with any progressive policy or position is racist, bigoted, homophobic. Repealing the massive mess the last president made of the insurance market will, in the words of various Democrats, kill hundreds of thousands of people after stripping over 700 billion of health insurance.
It’s insecurity. It is an insecurity so intense that tweeting a stupid internet meme cribbed from Reddit is interpreted as an explicit threat of bodily harm to journalists everywhere – or so claims the fragile, whiny little twit Brian Stetler of CNN (where do they find these morons?).
One understanding I have is of myself and because I understand myself, I also think I understand a little about human nature. I also believe that I can extrapolate that my personal fears are also shared by the general population. One my greatest fears is being trapped into defending a position I know is wrong or one that cannot be supported by the facts. I take great care never to take a position that I don’t know how to get out of and I never lie – I may well let my opponent believe something that isn’t factual, but I will never outright lie. I have been in that position during negotiations where I called out someone while they were running a bluff. Continuing to ty to support bluff that has been discredited is the weakest possible position in which to be caught. You know you are lying and what is worse, your opponent knows as well.
Faced with the collapse of a deal if they couldn’t pull off the bluff, I noticed how their vocal volume increased, their logic became flawed (their conclusions were increasingly illogical) and emotions began to take over.
That’s what I see in the media’s reaction to almost every challenge these days…and what it tells me is they know they are running a bluff, defending a position that cannot stand – but they have no choice but to defend it or they lose everything. Their hysteria has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with their own insecurity about the true weakness of their position. Therefore, everything must be buried in a fog of hysteria and hyperbole, they create a sandstorm of outrage and virtue signaling to obscure the fact that when it comes to their arguments, there is no “there” there. The progressives are wrong and they know it, they just don’t want you to know it, too.
So they yell, they scream, they flail about, and they break things like a two year-old who is having a nuclear core meltdown in the aisle of your local Toys-R-Us.
The left has invented a term to define a condition of extreme awareness – they call being “woke,” on this glorious 4th of July holiday, we should recognize the bluff the left is running, call it and get some “woke” ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Hysterisis

  1. Scientology is considered a religion too, but it’s really a cult. The left is like a bunch of die-hard Scientologists. Just replace Suppressed Person (or SP in Scientology lingo; a term used to refer to those not in accordance with Scientology) with Islamophobe, homophobe, racist, climate denier, fascist, %c., and the Progressives are the same cult with a different name.

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