Satire? Maybe…

Various reactions to Trump’s 30 minute meeting with Putin running for over 2 hours:

MSNBC: “Putin and Trump discuss cover-up of election hacking. Trump is a fucking Russian stooge.”

NBC: “Doesn’t matter what they talked about, Trump will lie about it anyway and then we will just make shit up.”

CBS: “Trump shows Putin more flexibility than Obama and a troupe of strip club pole dancers – a dark day for America.”

ABC: “Putin uses KGB training and Evelyn Wood speed reading course to take advantage of slow-witted and possibly mentally retarded American President.”

CNN: “Trump suppresses freedom of the press just like Putin. His tweets are just like being assassinated with polonium.”

NYT: “Syrian ceasefire brokered by Putin with no help from Trump – Black Americans, women and children hardest hit. Plus, Stalin cleared of Ukraine Holodomor. ”

WaPo: “A source with knowledge of the matter reports Trump and Putin ate ice cream at the meeting. In a stunning defeat for American foreign policy, Putin got the dish with the most.”

LA Times: “Putin signs multi-year deal with NBC for “KGB Apprentice”, Trump fired!”

AP: “Russia invades Poland during Putin-Trump meeting, cites crimes against humanity. Wait…is that right? We do have it confirmed by a single anonymous source, don’t we?”

Chuck Schumer: “Ever watch “The Americans” on FX? Yeah, that – except set at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Nancy Pelosi: “Why is President Bush meeting with Putin?”

Keith Olbermann: “Grrrrrrrr! Red. Star. Hammer. Sickle. Chicken. Potato. Mnummmmmph! Resist!”

#blaklivesmatter issued a joint statement from DeRay Mckesson and Talcum X (Shaun King): “They both white, right? There you go. The black man loses again. Know why they want peace in Syria and not Chicago? Ain’t no niggas in Syria.”

Maxine Waters: “Putin tore that ass up! Impeach 45! Impeach 45! Impeach 45!”

Bernie Sanders: “Russia has single payer healthcare. I know, I honeymooned there. How could any Republican vote against Obamacare – it is working!”

Hillary Clinton: “Even Putin knows I won the popular vote. I’m Madame President, dammit! 17 intelligence agencies say so!”

Fox: “It is as if Reagan and Churchill had a baby…if they were gay and used Margaret Thatcher as a surrogate mother. God bless America!”

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