Still Not Collusion

In truth, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a campaign operative meeting with a person, any person for that matter – Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, etc., who may have adverse information on the opposing candidate or her party and is willing to share it. This is not the definition of “collusion” as has been previously understood. This is simply opposition research that every national campaign does. If you don’t think the Clinton campaign asked foreign entities a bunch of questions about Trump’s international business activities looking for dirt, you would be wrong. For goodness sake, that is what the company now accused of the “dodgy dossier”, Fusion GPS, did – and the linked Politico article notes how the Clinton campaign got info from the Ukraine.

Was Hillary “colluding”? Not at all.

Just because Russian oppo research information was mentioned doesn’t mean it was shared and it appears that the person Junior actually met with was not the person who had the supposed information – but this does not look good for the Trump team and Tim Kaine is already pitching out the treason terminology.

It is possible (I think it is likely) that the latest development with the “collusion” meme is going to make it so difficult for President Trump to enact his agenda, he may be forced to resign for the good of the country. The meme is still weak, even with the emails string from Junior but the media will help the Democrats get maximum mileage out of it. There may be just enough muck to stop the Trump agenda – I still think it is highly unlikely this goes anywhere conclusive but that sort of works in favor of the Democrats – its not a conclusion they are after, it is confusion.

On wonders where the NYT got this information – was it leaked from Mueller’s team? Who is this Rob Goldstone character? Was there any information actually shared and was there any contact with the Clinton campaign making similar offers? Probably not – the Clinton’s prefer the Chinese over the Russians for their illegal campaign contributions – but Hill was warming up to the Soviets. Of course, that could have just been the radiation from all that uranium.


2 thoughts on “Still Not Collusion

  1. Correct. It was a meeting to see what ‘oppo’ research there might be floating out there… well as the need to determine if this person was actually out to damage Candidate Trump.

    Remember McCain WENT to England as a secret representative for Hillary’s campaign in order gather info supposedly from the Russian gov’t regarding Russian Ho’s and their peeing party……. with collusion from a supposedly “retired” MI-6 agent.

  2. I disagree. There’s a reason that more people watch Nick at Nite than CNN; everyone’s sick of the Russia propaganda. Trump Jr. tweeted his e-mails; Hillary Bleach-Bit hers.The NYT obtained the e-mails illegally. In my opinion, the only thing stopping Trump’s agenda are the Dems and RINOs.

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