It’s Still All a Lie

The only thing you need to know about the agenda of the American progressive left is this: EVERY MOTIVATION IS BASED ON A LIE.

  1. America was never great – lie.
  2. Europe is better than the USA – lie.
  3. Price controls work – lie.
  4. Gun control works – lie.
  5. America is imperialistic, hegemonic and war mongering – lie.
  6. Appeasement is a successful domestic and foreign policy – lie.
  7. You can tax your way to prosperity – lie.
  8. Poverty can be ended if we just take more money from the rich – lie.
  9. Government stimulus programs stimulate – lie.
  10. Free markets do not work – lie.
  11. Campus rape culture exists – lie.
  12. Obamacare was needed and it works – lies.
  13. Confederate statues are racist – lie.
  14. Contemporary white America is still responsible for slavery – lie.
  15. Antifa is actually anti-fascist – lie.
  16. Anthropogenic climate change – lie.
  17. Can’t drill our way to more energy – lie.
  18. Alternative energy sources are ready for prime time – lie.
  19. Abortion only kills a lump of cells – lie.
  20. The Iran deal stopped them from getting a nuke – lie.
  21. 9/11 was an inside job – lie.
  22. America brought 9/11 on itself – lie.
  23. More people have been killed by right wing terrorists than Islamofascist terrorists – lie.
  24. Terrorism can be ended with job fairs and a hug – lies.
  25. Islam means peace – lie.
  26. Cops are hunting young black men – lies.
  27. Minorities can never be racist – lie.
  28. All government programs yield positive results – lie.
  29. Humans can pick their own gender and Bradley/Chelsea Manning is a woman – lies.
  30. Homosexuals are exactly the same as heterosexuals – lie.
  31. Trump colluded with Russia – lie.
  32. The GOP wants to poison the environment and kill children and the elderly – lies.
  33. Socialism works – lie.
  34. Marxism works – lie.
  35. Communism works – lie, lie, lie, damned lie.

Just a few off the top of my head. The point being, if an ideology is based on falsehoods, the inescapable and incontrovertible conclusion must be the ideology is also a falsehood.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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