The Antifa Long Con

When you think about it, the left’s use of Antifa in their long con is brilliant. There are long and short cons – the short con anticipates a “hit and run” – a quick return, the long con takes much longer to set up and usually lasts significantly longer.

Claiming that Trump stole the election from Hillary and “Russia! Russia! Russia!” were short cons – that is, a quick result was expected but often these short cons support the long con. Democrats are brilliant at the long con.

Antifa Inc., (including the wholly owned subsidiaries of the Women’s, #Resist and the #BLM marches) is such a long con. They first started protesting “fascist” speech at various universities. Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Christina Hoff Sommers, Charles Murray – all were victims of the heckler’s veto exercised by Antifa and its affiliates but none of these were widely controversial enough to use as a spear in the attack against even the nominally conservative Trump government.

In truth, this was never about any of those individuals, it was about constructing a narrative that could be spread far enough to go nuclear once the right ignition source could be found.

Enter “white nationalism” and the conflagration starts.

“White Nationalism” is a name that has something the earlier victims of Antifa did not – it is a “group” and therefore inherently more dangerous than one Ann Coulter or Ben Shapiro. “Oh, goodness. There are thousands of little Annie’s and Bennie’s out there! Run for the hills!”

Now every “news” outlet (even Charles Krauthammer on Fox) is wondering how the GOP will distance itself from Trump’s “racism” – because we all know, as Dr. K stated, “what is in his heart.”

Bullshit. I don’t like Trump but Trump has shown me no evidence he is racist and yet we have cowards on the right virtue signalling as loudly as they can through calling for the destruction of Confederate monuments.

Dear God in Heaven, what a bunch of weaklings…

I have friends who have said that Trump will destroy conservatism. Well, the GOP seems to be doing a pretty good job of that on their own.

Democrats are masters at creating and nurturing radicalism while keeping just enough distance away from them to claim the protester are not their monkeys, therefore this is not their circus. Obama gave a wink and a nod to #BLM during his administration, just as the Democrat leadership did with the dirty hippy #OccupyWallStreet movement before them. Early on, Democrats were prominent features at the rallies but when they saw the short con wasn’t working, they quickly disappeared behind the curtain but the fact is, this isn’t just about Trump, the Dems have been building this long con for years.

Trump called the media and Democrats out on their willful blindness toward Antifa, Inc.

Now Russia is gone, as surely eclipsed by “There is a white supremacist Nazi in the White House!” as the real solar eclipse predicted for August 21.

The “white nationalists” may have provided the spark in Charlottesville but the American progressive left has been pissing gasoline all over America for decades. So tell me, good citizens, who is more responsible – the guy with the match or the guy with the can of gasoline?

Beware the long con.

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