Houston: When Americans Answer a Silent Cry

The disaster in Houston has proven again something that reasonable people intuitively know – that in a crisis, neither skin color nor who your great-great-great granddaddy was matters. In the floods, blacks worked to save whites, whites worked so save blacks and they worked together to save everybody they could. Caravans of people looking to do nothing but help left yesterday from Utah, perhaps the whitest state in the Union, with food, basic hygiene products, diapers, high water vehicles and boats to go to Houston to help and Utah was not the only state.

As the idiots at Salon angrily noted, there was an airboat with a Confederate battle flag emblazoned on it, the pilot of which had the temerity to go save people.

Nobody forced or coerced any of these people to go…but they all heard and answered a silent cry for help.

Where were the Women’s marchers? Where were the Antifa thugs? Blacklivesmatter? Hollywood?

J.J. Watt raised 4 million dollars in less than 72 hours for relief. What did Kathy Griffin do?

She said she now isn’t sorry for thinking that promoting the beheading of a sitting president was funny.

The people we all see in the rescues are dealing with the real issues of America and yet these are the very people the elite in this country hate with such a visceral rage it is driving them insane. The people you see on TV are lining up in Houston to volunteer – these are people looking to give with no expectation of anything in return instead of taking with every expectation of being given more.

Selflessness is a sentiment the progressive left cannot comprehend.

When it is on the line, look for the DGASWYT movement to be there. These people of the Don’t Give A Sh*t What You Think movement are there to generate results, not headlines. They are there to help, not to raise hell. They don’t care who you are, what color your skin is or what your 1040A looked like last year – all they care about is that you are between a rock and a hard place and you need help and that’s what they have tons of to give.

Next week, these good people will disappear into the woodwork. They will be gone from the headlines and the breathless TV reports. They will go back to laying bricks, farming, framing houses – they will resume their lives with their families, their communities and their churches and what they have done will be forgotten by a nation consumed by fabricated racial division, absurd social outrage and contrived political warfare.

But those they have helped will remember.

As we all should.

To hell with Antifa, the BLM and the other radical fruitcakes who think an America who saves people without question or expectation is a hellhole in which they no longer want to live.

What is happening in Houston is prima facie evidence of both their error and their insanity.

May God equally bless both the rescued and the rescuers and may He give those who have lost loved ones His peace.

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