The other day I was introduced to the Rat Park experiment. Basically, there was an experiment where a lone rat was put in a cage, and got to choose between regular water or heroine-laced water. He chose the drugged water every time until he died. This experiment was apparently the impetus for the war on drugs.

In that same century, another very different experiment took place. Like before, the rat had the option of water or heroine-laced water, but he was placed in a rat fantasy land, aka the Rat Park. He had tunnels, friends, hidey-holes, and treats. The rat chose the regular water. The scientist then put him in a lone cage where the rat got addicted to heroine. After becoming addicted, the scientist placed him back in the Rat Park where he had both water choices. The rat weaned himself off the heroine water and went back to the regular water.

As an aside, this post has nothing to do with heroine addiction; it just put a thought it my head. The thing about girls is we don’t compartmentalize our thoughts……………which is exactly why there are no crazy cat guys; only crazy cat ladies.

Anyhow, this experiment got me thinking about how our govt. creates a Rat Park for the citizens. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure half of the people are drinking the wrong water….

If you think about it, it is not inconceivable to consider corporations to be our owners, and the govt. to be our keepers. For example; if we try to get information on the web, it is whatever Google will deem suitable. If Apple or Amazon would like a govt. handout subsidy, they need only acquiesce to the govt.’s desire to spy on us. Now, if certain people refuse to drink the drugged water, the Facebook Corp. can put them in FB jail. Likewise, Youtube can demonetize or ban their videos because free speech ain’t free in Rat Park.

Of course we can’t dismiss thought control perpetuated by corporate media as well as govt. subsidized media.

Here’s an old meme that is self-explanatory:

In essence, America is like a techarchy; the very rich have become like kings with the govt. serving as their knights. Meanwhile, the peasants citizens have been reduced to indentured servants whose taxed property could be absconded with a snap of the finger via imminent domain.

The predominant thought amongst conservatives is that the wealthy should not be taxed unfairly. The misnomer of overtaxing the wealthy is the tax code itself. Because the tax code is 70 thousand pages, the wealthy will merely pay congress for a clause, subsidy, tax break, grant, &c. After all, why on earth would the govt. want to cede its power to the rats people when it can gain so much more from the billionaire class?

Frankly, the whole idea is to make Rat Park just amusing enough so that half the people (entitled individuals) will drink the govt. laced water, and the other half will be too worn down to fight, thereby perpetuating this feudal system. The only relief for Rat Park will be for the people to vote for fiscally conservative representatives. That or a rat revolution…..

6 thoughts on “Cages

  1. Bill above is right ….. well written. But even more important very well thought out and important points made.

    ( As to international mystery women ….. you got “Q”‘s recent memo right ? And dontcha think “hide-holes” is a bit racy for rats ??? )

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