No True Scotsman

That race is part of culture, I can do nothing about, so this is probably going to be seen as racist – but it is really more a commentary on cultures.

America, as it exists as a concept, one sealed in the words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and in practice, i.e. as it exists today, is still the world’s foremost bastion of freedom and liberty.

America made many mistakes along the way in getting here – but America is not alone in those mistakes. Slavery was common in the world until the industrial revolution in the new “First World” obsoleted it. Oppression, tyranny and monarchy were prevalent, democracy and republicanism were not.

It seems in order to try to execute America for its historical “crimes”, one must make the assumption that any other culture would have made the same progress as America, sans all the baggage of expunged institutions of slavery, systematic oppression, tyranny and dictatorship. At least that would seem to be the claim – America isn’t bad due to what it is, America is bad because we are comparing it to an unknowable, imaginary standard.

Where is the evidence that any culture could have evolved into contemporary America without error? Where is the evidence that Native American, Aztec, Inca, African, Moorish, Asian or even European collectivists would have done better?

To pick an theoretical example, one could posit the #blacklivesmatter movement thinks America is bad because their culture (however that is defined – most of what blacks believe about African culture is myth) would have done better – but African tribes were the ones selling weaker tribes into slavery. Slavery still exists on the African continent, as does systematic oppression, tyranny and dictatorship. Native American, Incan and Mayan cultures were overwhelmed by superior cultures – to some extent, Asian culture was as well. Moorish culture (Islam) continues to resist (with varying degrees of success) its natural tendency toward savagery and tribalism. Communists – well, they are still communists – and still the antithesis of freedom and liberty for all.

The truth is there is no evidence any culture other than the one we have that could have produced America.

History can only be witnessed in the rearview mirror. Most, if not all, protesters are viewing America through historical hindsight and the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.

While hindsight is always 20/20, history is never apparent to those moving through it – yet those who oppose American values will emphatically tell you that their culture would never make this or that mistake – not true Scotsman would ever do that.

One could comfortably state that, yes, they would make those mistakes – and incidentally, are still making them today.

One thought on “No True Scotsman

  1. I like this essay a lot. But I’m not familiar with the ” No True Scotsman” fallacy. And being of Scottish decent from both sides of my family doesn’t lend any inside insight either.

    Slavery still exists in muslim countries. That needs to be said. It exists in the Mid East as well as Indonesia and Malaysia….although clandestine it is fairly widespread muslims enslaving other muslims even.

    ” Moorish culture (Islam) continues to resist (with varying degrees of success) its natural tendency toward savagery and tribalism.”…… This is the only point I think is not correct. In fact I think the closest thing we have to perpetual motion, is the muslim world. And that’s because of islam itself. History supports me on this.

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