OK, so, before I begin, I have a confession: I have NOT been paying as much attention to political matters as I once did (and I am actually doing better for it, but that’s another post).  Anyway, I know that this means I am writing out of a bit of ignorance, so, please, make some allowance for this.

Now, I have some questions that I hope this board can help me with:

1 — They are about to try to pass a SENATE written budget in the House today.  A budget is a spending bill.  When did they amend the Constitution to allow spending bills to be started in the Senate?

2 — I still listen to Rush, Beck, Hannity and a few others, and they are mostly defending Trump’s efforts to get this Senate budget pushed through the House.  In the past, these same people would have been screaming bloody murder about how this is a violation of the Constitution (if it still is, I don’t know).  So, when did these ‘conservative’ commentators come over the the Left’s way of thinking (“Violating the Constitution is OK, as long as it’s my side doing it.”)

Have I missed something?  Or am I just not understanding how things have to get done again?

9 thoughts on “I NEED A LITTLE HELP

  1. I surely could be wrong, but I don’t think it matters if it was Senate “written”, as long as the Senate didn’t vote on and pass or vote down prior to it coming up for vote in the House. Actually this shows that it isn’t something that will be voted down in the Senate if the House passes it and sends it along to them.

  2. All revenue bills originate in the House. Spending bills are up for grabs but have to be approved through reconciliation by both House and Senate. Historically, this has been the process. There are several SCOTUS Cases on the application of the Origination Clause in Article 1.

    Regardless, we have been outside the Framers reasoned constraints for well over 150 years so any hope of returning to a literal interpretation of the Constitution/Bill of Rights has passed.

    With uncontrolled immigration, not changing the subject, it will matter little as politicians and the masses will suck out and destroy any remaining safeguards in their quest for power and equllitarian utopian godless world system.

  3. I think it did originate in Ryan’s occupied Congress…..then Sent to Senate. But The Senate has already been working on their own because Regardless of what the House pushes, the Fundamental goal is and always has been to :
    1-( pas AMNESTY…. for ALL Illegals)
    2-( Keep Obamacare…..and force States not involved to be involved)
    3-(INCREASE H1-B, H2-B and E-5 visas…..and destroy E-verity)
    4-( pass AMNESTY….. keep open borders)
    5- ( P A S S AM N E S T Y…….for all 25-30 million Illegals)

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