More on Moore: A Female’s Perspective

This morning I was reading different takes on Judge Moore, and I thought about that scene in the show, Forrest Gump when Jenny is fixin to get on the bus with her abusive loser hippie boyfriend, and Forrest says this to her. I guess that scene just reminds me that most folks in AL still have some common sense. My take on Judge Moore probably isn’t popular, but it’s logical.

In Alabama, if a 14-year-old girl told her daddy that a grown man had fondled her; that grown man would be looking down the barrel of a shotgun. Now if the girl was too shy to talk to her folks, why in the hell is she talking now? Were all these girls too shy to speak up back then? Had they piped up it would’ve been Yuge! The reality is that any alleged fondling did not bother the girls back then. Now they have an agenda, they are being paid, they are attention whores, or all of the above. Any logical person can see that.

Unfortunately, the logic in D.C. and the media is the opposite. Ever feel like the govt./media is being run by an HR Dept. filled with ladies who look like Janet Reno and have cats…….lots of them? You know; the gals who hate themselves, America, whites, babies, guns, the Constitution, Christians and masculinity? It seems as though they’ve made the men in DC their bitches, and the media their whipping boys so that laws are no longer for the common good of the citizenry, and propaganda is the only news that is broadcast. It’s as if all of this is done for the whims of the Janets and their cats.

In order to gain ever more control, the sex lives of the men in DC now becomes paramount to the overall NWO Cat Lady Plan. If they can toss the indiscreet conservatives out (ignoring the sins of the libs, of course) they can then climb another rung up their Ladder to Nowhere (which is exactly where Merkel and May are finding themselves……..)

Without a doubt, the cat ladies are relying on the common decency of the AL citizens to shun Judge Moore as an aberration. (He’s not Clinton, Biden, Menendez, Franken, or even Jerry Seinfeld for that matter.) The RINOs, Dems, and media are marching in step to these orders. The media is proclaiming that polls prove the Democrat is gonna take this election. Wonder if it’s the same polls that proclaimed Hillary would win by a landslide…..

Stepping back to assess the big picture, this stunt is nothing more than a November surprise hit job. I’m betting the folks in AL haven’t forgotten that these folks hitting Moore are the same sanctimonious angels who pushed for abortion without parental consent, late-term abortion, gay marriage, trannies in the ladies room, and baking wedding cakes for dykes. Personally, I don’t think Alabamans are going to get they’re hackles up about some teenaged girls in the 70’s suddenly piping up forty years later about their alleged abuse by this so called ne’er-do-well abuser. Boo-hoo grannies!!

Let us hope the good citizens of AL don’t fall into the left’s cat trap. Systematically destroying America is crazy; crazy as a cat lady without a cat.


7 thoughts on “More on Moore: A Female’s Perspective

  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been ranting at the radio every time someone asks for Moore to step down. I’m not even a fan of his but this scenario is beyond reason and I find myself defending him. If the leftists succeed with this plan it’ll be very easy to derail an election just by carefully timed fake accusations. I know that has happened in the past but dredging up 40 year old memories to ruin a career is unbelievably unfair. Even if these women believe they’re telling the truth, it’s too late. Get over it.

  2. High Five Kells …. excellent post. Remember also that Luther Strange is a 24 karat RINO- Anti-Trumper in the mold of McConnell. I don’t care that Trump endorsed him. Trump is trying to swim in infested waters.

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