Men in America

Last week I watched the start of this series by Tucker Carlson titled, Men in America. The eight-minute intro gives some depressing statistics about men in America. For instance, men now outnumber women in earlier death, addiction, depression, suicide, lower education, and obesity. The most disturbing aspect of this report was sperm count: It’s down by 60%, and testosterone is 30% lower than the early 70’s (how did they even get that statistic?)

On the FB everyone’s got the answer. I got tickled by one lady’s comment that it was a good thing testosterone was lower because there would be less violence in America. Let’s see…. a list of the 10 most violent countries in the world are: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Somalia, Sudan, DR Congo, Pakistan, and North Korea. The one thing that pops out to me is violence from oppression not high testosterone. There’s an interesting study on testosterone, giving it more credit than the “violent” hormone label. A lack of testosterone is not a good thing……just ask Caster Semenya’s competitors.

In 1968 ADHD was formally recognized (it was Childhood Hyperkinetic somethingruther before that, and it wasn’t given much concern). Then, in the 80’s and 90’s, the Schedule II drug, Ritalin, became the drug of choice that most doctors teachers were recommending for ADHD. By the time boys reach high school, nearly 20% of them will be drugged treated for being boys. What are the long-term side effects? Low testosterone and/or sperm count? Depression?

As others have said, and I agree, the problems of men in America are caused by multiple factors. Liberals don’t want to admit to liberalism being a factor, but LBJ’s Great Society legislation made it more lucrative to be a single parent rather than a family unit. There are three times more single mothers today than in 1960, 40% of US babies are born to single mothers, 56% of millennials having babies are single, and 50% of babies are born into welfare. Statistically, it appears that many young boys are lacking a father figure.

In addition, liberals now have decided to dump biology. Do boys really feel more empowerment referencing themselves as gender fluid? The way the libs have placed Bruce Kaitlin Jenner on a pedestal; they’ve made it pretty clear that being a successful, white, athletic boy with a penis is a shameful thing. It’s referred to as toxic masculinity. Huh? Seriously, WTF? How is a boy to become a man when he can no longer “present” (dumb a/f lib term) as a boy? Could this lead to loneliness, confusion, and/or suicidal thoughts?

Now then; if you’re a slave to your dogs like me, you’ll get outside and walk every day. In doing so, you may notice that there isn’t the number of kids outside playing that there used to be before the technological boom. Instead of athletic, healthy boys, we are seeing more and more hunchbacked tubbies. How important is diet and exercise? What are the disadvantages of communicating the majority of time via cell phone or social media? Is a boy’s self-worth through Siri or Alexa?

These are some of my thoughts. Also, I do wonder if the narrative of the evil American man has been pushed so far that the imbalance has kept a majority of women immune to the pitfalls that American men are facing. This series is every Wednesday in March on Fox News Channel. I look forward to watching the show tomorrow night to see what Tucker says…..









One thought on “Men in America

  1. Good post ! When I was a boy we also determined our self-worth on Alexa. The difference then being those various Alexas were happy being gurlz and pursued us buyz in equal measure.

    What a difference a few decades makes !

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