Toxic Immaturity

Just saw this video clip where Emma Gonzalez, Parkland child activist, says (in her own voice):

“For those of Us who KNEW him [Nikolas Cruz] since middle school, it was no surprise he was the shooter…”

Yet she will take no responsibility for her own actions – beyond this tacit admission of complicity. The Stoneman shooting, like most school shootings before it, was perpetrated by one of their own. 95% of school shootings since Columbine have been carried out by someone under the age of 18.

A realization ripped across my mind like a “military style assault weapon” 5.56 round.

Maybe it isn’t the “gun culture” at all (that’s both sarcastic and rhetorical) – but a toxic high school culture, one vested upon these kids by adults who should know better.

Maybe this is the logical end product of a combination of identity politics and a weaponized culture of victimhood that has finally reached an endpoint in our young. Perhaps this caustic, vicious process, one greatly favored by progressives, has filtered down to young people who lack the maturity and wisdom to deal with it.

Kids today are being forced to play an adult game for which they are in no way prepared to suit up. There’s a reason we don’t allow children under the age of 18 to view porn – and what plays out in our culture today is nothing less than political porn. It’s at least R rated, and more often than not it gets an X from the MPAA (Most Political Assholes Around).

At the high school age when physical changes are still at work, everything is first processed emotionally and then logically – but if the kids don’t have the maturity and wisdom blunt the emotions and move into the logical, the result is expressed as impotent rage.

We all know how hard it is, as logical thinkers, to handle the illogic coming from the left – now think of trying to do that at 16-17 when you 1) have just been in close proximity to 17 classmates being killed and others sent to the hospital and 2) you have lived a sheltered life, one largely absent of the constant real world pressures and those two things make up the only reality you know.

Something to think about.

2 thoughts on “Toxic Immaturity

  1. The killers are actually the kids.Social media are part of the problem, but there’s more:
    this is the second generation raised without mention of the Bible in schools, largely without 2 parents in the home, and often using either psychoactive prescription drugs or illegal drugs.

  2. Every single word out of these kids’ mouths is pre-scripted. Progressive talking points written by adults for children who never walked down the streets of a high-crime area once in their lives and know nothing of children who at the age of 6, 8 or 10 had already learned to hit the ground when the minute the sounds of gunfire erupts.

    Growing up in the hood during the Civil Rights era and a former Democrat (not perfect), I am familiar with the tone, down to the inhaling, exhaling and raising one’s voice for added effect when delivering a message immersed in propaganda. This child rehearsed and taught to speak in certain tones and to sound like fellow Islamo-Marxists, i.e., Linda Sarsour, Angela Davis, Black Lives Matter, etc. She is a prop whose purpose is to deliver a narrative, nothing more.

    If all else fails, she can pick up girls who are also buying into the dog and pony show.

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