The Democrat’s Deadly Diaspora


I hopped in the truck to make a late carbon donation in memory of yesterday’s Earth Day and my radio happened to default to NPR (I was listening to an audio book the last time I was in the truck and when my Bluetooth switches back, it defaults to the FM band), and there was some twit on there talking about how EEEEEVIL Trump’s America is because we HATE refugees and are anti-immigrant scum.

I don’t think those were the exact words, so I’m paraphrasing here.

Let’s examine the facts.

I was doing some research and found a site for and big organization called “Global Citizen” (funding comes from a bunch of left wing sources and has ties to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). They state the 5 top reasons for the rise in refugees:

  1. “The most common reason people become refugees is persecution — which can take on many forms: religious, national, social, racial, or political.”
  2. War
  3. Gender/sexual orientation [I’m having trouble this is a big driver of the flow of refugees]
  4. Hunger
  5. Climate change [I’m not totally on board with this one, but if you look below at the countries, they all have been prone to droughts for the past century)


From whence do the refugees come?

According to World Vision, the top 5 counties refugees flee are:

  1. Syria – 4.9 million refugees
  2. Afghanistan – 2.7 million refugees
  3. Lake Chad Basin (Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, and Chad) – 2.3 million refugees
  4. South Sudan – 1.1 million refugees
  5. Somalia – 1.0 million refugees

So, let’s look at what the intersection between these groups is NOT:

  • It’s not Christianity – these countries are predominantly Islamic.
  • It’s not Democracy, all but Afghanistan are despotic, socialist or theocratic and Afghanistan is only moderately democratic because the US is still there.
  • War? Yes. In every case, Islamic radicals are seeking to hold or take over the governments of these countries – but there are no “Crusades”.
  • Hunger? One would suppose if they could stop fighting long enough, the hunger issues – and the “climate change” issues could be resolved.

Drought in Southern Africa 2015 -

Why is it that people can only focus on how “bad” America is? Why do you suppose it is that America and Christianity are blamed when neither have anything to do with the reasons for the refugee diaspora when the very things America represents are the CURE?

Because there is political advantage to doing so. “Helping” refugees is not bringing them to America, it is ending the reasons for the crisis so they can live in peace at home.

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