A Tale of Two Americas


Look at the UK today – I have always said that whatever happens in the UK eventually washes up on the shores of America. In the UK, the police are now protecting the state from the citizens, not the citizens from criminals. There is a very stark, very bright line dividing the interests of the state from the interests of the people.

Whether the Brits recognize it or would even admit to it, they are a divided country. It isn’t royal vs. commoner or Lib Dems vs. Tory vs. Conservatives – it is the state vs. the people.


In 2004, the then Democratic pick for Vice President, John Edwards, spoke of two Americas:

I stand here tonight ready to work with you and John to make America stronger. And we have much work to do, because the truth is, we still live in a country where there are two different Americas…one, for all of those people who have lived the American dream and don’t have to worry, and another for most Americans, everybody else who struggle to make ends meet every single day. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Well, the philandering, serial lying baby daddy had a point – there are two Americas. We are split so evenly between these two that the last five presidential elections have been determined by a very small percentage of the vote in a select few counties in states with critical electoral votes.


There is the America that believes in God, self-reliance and hard work, the American dream, American exceptionalism, equal opportunity, secure borders, sovereignty, the sanctity of a baby’s life from conception, private property, the Second Amendment and an originalist reading of the Constitution – a small and limited state.

Then there is another America that is filled with secular humanists, believes in collectivism and government handouts, and believes that the American dream is dead (if it ever existed) and that America is inherently evil and imperialistic. They believe in equal outcomes, open borders, a nation subject to the whims of international governance, abortion, abolition of private property, no right to self-defense and a “living” Constitution that can be “interpreted” to create approval for the current political fad and in turn, an overweening and expansive state.

I can see no way that these two radically divided positions can ever be reconciled. The narrow division and fiercely contested elections that produce razor thin margins indicate that as long as these divisions exist, there is guaranteed an inherent tyranny of the majority. Winning or losing elections 52% – 48% gives neither winning party a governing “mandate” and renders any party line decision one on the edge of tyranny. Party identification is no longer relevant; the divide is between classic liberalism and so called “progressivism”.

By the end of the Age of Obama, we had lived through 16 years of divided rule and rancor. A year ago, I believed that amending the Constitution was the answer. I no longer believe that. I believe that the divisions are too deep and too painful. Since the current ruling class (and evidently over half of the country) think that my belief in God is believing a myth, that I must be forced by law to accept “alternative lifestyles” that I have been taught are evil, that killing a “clump of cells” that will grow in to a baby is a “right”, that I am a bigot because I want to stop illegal immigration, that I don’t believe I am a servant of government to be taxed so that my productivity can be given to others and my love of country is the equivalent to Nazi nationalism, I can see little other recourse. I don’t want a theocratic state but under the degraded nation that America has become, I cannot live a life according to my own convictions and faithfully execute my duty to my God and my family.

I actually just want to be left alone to form the associations that I choose, support the people who deserve my support and not to bear ridicule for believing in the founding principles of this country. I don’t believe that these principles merely granted freedom, but true liberty. I believe the Constitution outlines the plans to execute the promise of liberty enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, which lay out the methods of protection of that liberty for every individual citizen of this country. I don’t want to be told every day that I am an evil person because I oppose illegal immigration and I object to my tax money being wasted and used for things I disagree with. I believe in working hard and playing by the rules – but I’m also not ignorant enough to blindly believe that all the rules are just.

I am not an anarchist, I do not believe in no government – but I do believe in clearly limited government, a government that does not presume to dictate to me and infiltrate every single aspect of my life…and do not be fooled, today we are licensed, taxed, monitored and managed from cradle to grave. There is a hegemony of sorts that dominates individual conduct. If one steps back to take an objective view, we are living the world of Orwell and Huxley.

In a sense, Marx was right – freedom is an illusion – but not because it is a fairy tale, because we have allowed far too much government for far too long. We have allowed collective government fiat to replace individual common sense, common courtesy, faith, trust, honor and duty.

A while back secession was all the rage. Maybe that is the answer – or maybe the answer is just to create massive city-states where progressives can pursue their Utopian dreams and leave the rest of us alone.

Sooner or later, something must give.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Americas

  1. City-States is to me the most practical proposal I’ve seen for a “national divorce” given that the progressive population centers aren’t contiguous. We already have states that the are dominated politically by one or more urban areas. The sticking point will come from whether the suburban and rural parts of those states will be allowed to decide by whom they want to be governed.

    • And when the city states inevitably bankrupt themselves and demand, by use of force if necessary, that the rest of us bail them out? Or worse that their criminal gangs grow powerful enough to raid out into the rest of the country? I fear the concept of a city state grants them a legitimacy that we will no longer have any control over.

  2. Secession is still there … strongly simmering under the surface.

    Civil War….. or more correctly another 1775/76 is needed and is pretty much inevitable.

    • When rule of law is eliminated, there is no more purpose to government and revolution is around the

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