LESSONS IN LOGIC: Latest Ruling on DACA is Perfect Example of the Subversive Agenda Hidden in the Issue of Illegal Aliens


Have you seen the news about the judge who recently ruled that President Trump cannot end the DACA program?  That ruling is unlawful.  It should be vacated and the judge should be impeached and — possibly — charged with and tried for subversion. But there are two issues here.  The first is a coordinated act of subversion on the part of the States, Courts and many politicians.  The second is a judge who has assumed the authority to aplply one set of rules to one Political Party, and another set of rules to the other.  Let’s start with the greater issue first: subversion.

Levin: ‘This is judicial tyranny. You’re viewing it now.’

We do not need to be lawyers or Constitutional ‘experts’ to see that this judge has exceeded his authority.  All we need to do is apply logic and common sense to the wording of the Constitution.  Let’s start…

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