POINTS TO PONDER: Can the Rest of the World Stay Free and Prosperous if America Looses the 2nd Amendment?


How many of us remember this man and this speech?

That ‘intellectual elite’ about which Reagan spoke is in charge of the majority of our government and social institutions.  With the exception of our elected representatives, this ‘elite’ is self-appointed.  They have risen to power though nepotism and cronyism: both of which bely their claim to being ‘elite’ in the first place.  Were they truly superior, then they would have no need to take power through deception and corruption as they have; they could do it in the open, and the people would willingly support them.  But they do not run in the open.  They hide in the shadows and operate behind fronts such as ‘Move On’ and ‘The TIDES Foundation’ and ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and a host of other false faces.  So let us dispense with the notion that they are elite and call them what they really are:…

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