Mullah Mueller and the Taliban Lawfare Clan

The Joy Reid situation illustrates why the right should never…and I mean never…apologize to the progressive left.
That the left hasn’t grabbed their pitchforks, ignited their torches and marching, en masse, to the MSNBC studios chanting for her head on a platter proves that as long as you profess progressive views, you will be forgiven and rehabilitated no matter the sin. Libel and slander gays or any other progressive protected class – no problem. Swear fealty to the gods of progressivism and guess what – you are no longer that bad meany who did that in the near distant past!
Bazinga! It’s like magic!
The only unpardonable sin is renouncing progressivism.
Renounce progressivism and they will do anything they can to destroy your job, your family and your life.
Progressivism is a cult requiring complete and total unity of thought – sharing that trait with Islam. In Islam, this world is only a terrible transitional state until they reach paradise – this is why this life is not important. The more quickly they die, the faster they reach paradise – and if they can die is service to Allah, even better. In Islam, the only unpardonable sin is not to be Muslim – and leaving Islam is done under the pain of death.
You leave and they fatwa your ass and relieve you of your head.
Progressives view this world in very much the same perspective – no matter how much technology, medicine, and the economic advancements of capitalism make the world better (for more people than ever), they see life as Thomas Hobbes saw it – “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. They want to “perfect” humans and see their task as doing everything they can to advance their ideology – which they believe will bring forth Utopia. Much like radical Islamists, progressives don’t mind breaking a few eggs on the road to paradise. For example, abortion isn’t really about choice or women’s health, it is based in eugenics of the 1930’s and population control of the 1960’s.
From Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas to Scooter Libby, David Petraeus, Michael Flynn and Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the progressive left has been killing reputations and destroying lives in service to their religion.
Mullah Mueller and his Taliban Lawfare Clan are simply carrying on a long and storied progressive tradition.
Every – and I mean every – progressive wears a metaphorical suicide vest because if you best them in intellectual combat, they are blowing themselves up and taking you with them.

2 thoughts on “Mullah Mueller and the Taliban Lawfare Clan

  1. Bazinga?? You been watching too much Big Bang:-)
    Of course you are again spot onto the liberal/progressive/socialist hypocrisy.

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