Two Minutes of Hate


It was more like two hours…

If you are an outspoken conservative, there is a good chance you have been attacked on a personal level for some imagined infraction.

You have supported the 2A and been accused of supporting murder, if you have ever opted for chivalry, you have been called sexist, if you are a Christian, you are a anti-Muslim bigot or if you are white and point out fallacies in race based rhetoric – you are a racist…and if you are male and exhibit any evidence of manliness, you are accused of “toxic masculinity”.

I was blocked on social media last night by someone I have known for over a decade because she believes I am all of the above because I am a conservative who leans libertarian.
We got into a wide ranging discussion (more like rambling – structured thought is a rare
poster-karl-marx-1717305 commodity on the left) that ran the gamut from Jordan Peterson to the Arizona teacher’s strike. She began to lecture me that my positions are “not what America is” and when I asked her to define what American values are to her, I got a bunch of Marxist claptrap that was nothing like what our founding principles support.
I guess she was feeling nostalgic since yesterday was Comrade Karl’s birthday (the NYT certainly was).
She and her husband are both educated and successful professionals – he was an investment banker and retired at 55, she was a lawyer with a major firm in LA until relocating to Utah after her husband retired a few years ago. They don’t have kids to put through college and I wouldn’t say they are “rich” but they are certainly comfortable.
Things went sideways when I asked how she could reconcile their financial success and security with her Marxist leanings – how she could be so against the very things that allow her the luxury to live the way they do. I pointed out that to be a rich progressive is a paradox because while she argues for collectivism, she is the kind of bourgeoisie the Marxists come for first.
Instead of addressing the contradictions of her beliefs and the way she lives her life, she attacked me for even raising the issue.
I tried to explain to her that while I disagree totally with her politics, I can still be her friend and care what happens to her as a person.
She told me that she can’t do the same for me. She can’t separate me from my political positions. She actually told me that America would be better if people like me didn’t exist.
Sort of shocking but I found out that while I despise her politics, she despises ME. As a person, she hates me.
For the left, there is no difference between the political and the personal. It’s all the same to them and for them to win, they must destroy me. They claim to want to “save” the poor, illegal immigrants and minorities but this altruism only goes so far because they are willing to kill others to do it. They have adopted the Vietnam era idea that the village must be destroyed in order to save it.
I was reminded of the truth of Charles Krauthammer’s statement that conservatives think liberals are wrong but liberals think conservatives are evil.
It is no surprise America is in trouble when half of its politically active population would rather accuse the other half of being evil incarnate before addressing and resolving their own internal contradictions.

3 thoughts on “Two Minutes of Hate

  1. . “I pointed out that to be a rich progressive is a paradox because while she argues for collectivism, she is the kind of bourgeoisie the Marxists come for first”……Pol Pot could not be reached for comment

  2. In 30 years in San Francisco I had this same experience over & over. One of my neighbor’s here in SC is a retired SF attorney who when she met me had the same reaction as the woman you write about. However, after 3 years she has come around a bit. Compared to all the Baptists here I look almost liberal to her! LOL

  3. To quote Kipling.

    Utah, “You’re a better man than I am Gunga Din”. Because … I KNOW that liberals are evil. And I also know America would be a better place if liberals did not exist.

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