APPLIED NATURAL LAW: The Proper Role of Govt. in Public Institutions


In my last post, I argued that, under Natural Law, the government has a duty to support, preserve and defend the world view upon which it is built.  In this post, I will argue for the way the government can properly do this without violating the Principles of Natural Law.

The first thing we need to understand is that the government can only have the authority to do those things that any individual in society has a Natural Right to do, themselves.  This restriction is inherent in the principles governing the Social Contract (in the U.S., we call that contract ‘The U.S. Constitution’).  Or, to put this another way, the government does not and cannot have rights or authorities greater than those of every single individual it governs.  What it has is the permission of the People to exercise their individual Natural Rights on their behalf, and…

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