CURRENT EVENTS: Trump’s Pull-Out from Obama’s ‘Iran Deal’


I believe that this is one of those rare cases where things actually are black-and-white.  Furthermore, I believe that we can tell whether or not a person actually supports America and the rule of law or is trying to destroy this nation based on which side of this issue they stand.  How did I arrive at these conclusions?  Simple.  I applied a little logic to this issue and then accepted the logical conclusions that followed.

First, let’s review what we know about the facts surrounding this issue:

1 — Iran has been a self-declared enemy of the United States since the Iran Hostage Crisis.

2 — Iran’s government prays for the destruction of America every Friday.

3 — Israel is one of if not our strongest ally in the Middle East.

4 — Iran’s stated goal is to destroy Israel.

Now, let’s look at the things…

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One thought on “CURRENT EVENTS: Trump’s Pull-Out from Obama’s ‘Iran Deal’

  1. Many Moons ago…..’ when I wore a younger man’s shoes’ as Billy Joel sang…. a gal friend advised me: ‘When in doubt always pull out’.

    There was no doubt about the Iran ( non-deal). We should have pulled out long ago !

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