APPLIED NATURAL LAW: Three Amendments that Could Solve the Majority of America’s Political Problems


I have a modest proposal.  I propose that we submit and ratify three simple Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  All three are in keeping with the principles of Natural law as laid out in The Declaration of Independence.  Furthermore, I believe these three simple Amendments would solve the majority of America’s political problems, not the least of which include the issues of term limitations, campaign finance reform, education and illegal immigration.  If I may, I would like to submit my three proposed Amendments along with a short explanation of the reasoning for each.


I propose that we pass an Amendment that returns the nation to the original method of electing the President and Senators, but replace the method of selecting Congressional Representatives with a lottery system.


First, the Federal government was never intended to be a national government.  It is designed to govern the States, not the…

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7 thoughts on “APPLIED NATURAL LAW: Three Amendments that Could Solve the Majority of America’s Political Problems

  1. This is an excellent plan for a Christian world, after rogue states and international adversaries no longer exist and swords have been beaten into plowshares. In the meantime a more centralized government is needed, as the Founders came to realize, to deal with international relationships where ambitions clash and values differ. That has its own problems; the more power and money are available to a government, the more corrupt will be most of the people who have climbed a political ladder as they seek that money or power. Peter Schweizer’s book ‘Secret Empires’ documents how power attracts money from those who seek favors from those who hold power, and both are corrupted..

    • These Amendments could work now, in this world — as it is. And they would help to make it very difficult for money to buy favor, especially if we treated corporations the same as our founders did. If a corporation (which they did not allow) were to become a threat to society by using money to buy influence, then their license simply would not be renewed and that corporation would cease to exist.

      • Our population is now neither educated enough nor conscientious enough to make it work. What you have in mind has to be a hands-on type of society where people actually pay attention to who is making what kind of laws, and the media are not trying to distract us. The current ruling class would not tolerate such amendments, for the reasons Charles Krauthammer recently laid out in his evaluation of Trump’s pragmatist approach to government.

          • Yes, considerable liberty has been lost already. The Tytler cycle runs about 200 years, but the length of each interval is not fixed. A sufficient shock could shorten the dependence/bondage stages and force us back to spiritual faith & courage, if the mature generations remember history. The shock would probably have to be an economic collapse and devaluation of the currency, perhaps by an EMP or major solar flare that eliminates the grid and internet and forces a return to manual agriculture for some years.

    • Power and money have always been part of the Political process even during our Founding.

      The Founders/Framers realized that some form of Centralized gov’t was indeed needed. But they knew there would be no difference between the New United States and the rest of history without a structured balance. Thus the Bill of Rights and the Article V process were included. Because the PRINCIPLES of gov’t of, by and for the people would only be furthered by a balance between a Central gov’t tempered by the ultimate power residing in the power of the people.

      If anything their realization was that the concept of sovereignty ….of the individual and the State was paramount over the Centralized State.

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