You Shall Not Pass!


The term “white privilege” is still thrown about as pejorative. It is the progressive’s “Unified Theory of Literally Everything” because for them, it explains racism (pretty much all the “isms”), income inequality, the so-called “alt right” (which apparently is made up of anyone and everyone who is not a committed, doctrinaire leftist in good standing) and all opposition to the progressive agenda of Utopianism – and when I say “progressive agenda”, please know I mean the communist agenda.

Progressives are nothing but emotionally and mentally retarded communists, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and Mao would look and them and laugh as if they were children. For the contemporary American progressive, ignorance is bliss. The less they know about their progenitors, the better – for if they did understand their own history, they would know they are communists, little different from the Bolsheviks in 1918. They are like ghosts from the past who don’t know they are ghosts. Self-awareness isn’t their strong suit.

If white privilege was real, wouldn’t that explain how the white progressives attained positions of power and influence, so they could pontificate to the rest of us about the evils of white privilege? If asked, I doubt any of them would say their rise was based on anything but hard work and being good at their craft (standards of performance may vary) – certainly not “white privilege” in their cases. Like the old Smith Barney ads, “They eaaarned it.”

Let’s break the phrase “white privilege” down into its constituent parts.

First, let’s look at the word “white”. This one is simple. When a leftist uses this word, they really mean a Christian male heterosexual of northern European ancestry. To some extent, females of the same background are included – but only when in conflict with a female “person of color” – due to the perception of institutionally ensconced sexism, white women generally get a pass.

Now the word “privilege”. When a leftist uses this word, they really mean success. Webster (another old white guy) defines privilege as “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor.” Privileges can be given but are most often earned and when privilege is used in the leftist context, it means that Christian male heterosexuals of northern European ancestry have been largely the most successful from a civilizational, philosophical, political, cultural, and economic standpoint over the past several centuries. It also means imperialism, hegemony, colonialism, and genocide – because that is how the committed progressive defines the expansion of western culture since the Dark Ages.

Combined into a phrase, what do these two words have in common?

It’s capitalism. It’s rugged individualism. It’s self-determination and self-reliance. It is independence, liberty, and freedom. It’s the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Arbroath, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution all rolled into one. It is the individual standing in front of the state and loudly yelling (in the voice of Gandalf the Grey, of course), “You shall not pass!”

It has been proven that if any race, creed, or national origin models the behaviors of capitalist western culture, they will succeed. In America today, progressive tell us that slavery is responsible for the economic situation of black Americans while other minorities who have escaped similar situations come to America and find success – as a group, Asians have a higher median family income than whites (by almost $18,000 a year) and people of Indian, Taiwanese, Filipino, people of Australian and Israeli heritage all earn more than Americans of European heritage. Even in the face of this information, Americans are told that white people are still responsible for the plight of, and owe reparations to, the black community due to an institution that was ended a century and a half ago.

What is this magic formula for success?

Apparently, it is following a cultural model developed by those racist, sexist, heterosexual white males from northern Europe – but how can it be “white privilege” if people of color find success through it?

The answer is simple. It success isn’t “white”. Success is colorblind, but it does require adherence to a certain set of cultural rules – and by a country mile, western culture has proven to be the best vehicle to attain success for all races and sexes.

No, “white privilege” is neither white nor privilege – but it is the mortal enemy of communism…and that explains the progressives’ hatred of it.




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