Off the Deep (State) End

President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” but that is proving difficult. He can do what he can do but it appears his efforts will result in something akin to an Army field doctor debriding a wound. Debridement involves the removal of necrotic tissue to promote wound healing – except this only keeps the Deep State out of immediate danger and allows it time to heal.
In my opinion, the most disturbing aspect of the Trump term is the revelation of one fact – it is no longer necessary to win elections to control government, you only need to have control over the Deep State…and as far as who has that – the Deep State future is progressive Democrat and will always be. Democrats are the party of government, so it is takes no amount of genius to see which party with which the Deep State will align.
I don’t think most people understand how close to a totalitarian state America is. Not that we are there yet, but what we are hearing from the various investigations indicates we are very, very close to a tipping point. For goodness sake, we have evidence going back a decade that a Democrat President used federal agencies as weapons against his opponents to the point of planting a Deep State sponsored spy in the opposition’s campaign to help the Democrat candidate. This is right out of the Vlad Putin playbook.
We are about to go off the deep end – the Deep State end, that is…
F.A. Hayek wrote:
“To be a useful assistant in the running of a totalitarian state, therefore, a man must be prepared to break every moral rule he has ever known if this seems necessary to achieve the end set for him. In the totalitarian machine there will be special opportunities for the ruthless and unscrupulous.”
We shouldn’t be surprised at the actions of the Trump DOJ, State Department, CIA and FBI when viewed in this context. The Deep State protects its own – and its enablers (I’m looking at you, Hildebeast). We shouldn’t be surprised when the worst get on top.
Our founders sought to prevent this – that is why the designed a small, constrained federal government. The Deep State wants just the opposite.
Politics follow culture. The political will of an electorate is only the representation of the will of the dominant culture of the period – and that is what the left in America has understood during their long march through the institutions of our country (via Dutschke, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism). While conservatives were fighting tactical skirmishes, the left was playing the long game, patiently waiting for the time when the culture that they were creating overwhelmed the political world.
I think the next several years will tell the tale. If a brash, outsider, bull in the china shop personality like President Trump can’t do more then debridement, I don’t know who can. We have lost the Deep State to progressivism – I fear he must be burned all the way to the ground to get it back.
If it isn’t, we are looking at people of liberty taking on the role of the insurgent.

4 thoughts on “Off the Deep (State) End

  1. The Clintons and the FBI were colluding together since 1992 . Remember the whole missing FBI files ?

    We are already a Police State. It is a fact accompli. The LEVEL is the question. If you wait until it is like East Germany or Venezuela….or even like Europe and the UK with their complete lack of Free speech… is too late. We need to act on the fact we are already there.

    They are already picking up people off the Street in Austria:

  2. “We need to…” “People of liberty take big on the role of insurgent…” This means YOU, readers. Are you personally ready to take on the deep state? If you’re not yet even attending municipal government meetings then no, you’re not, and you’re part of the majority which complains but doesn’t act. Start now to take control of local government and train younger people to do so too. And WHY it’s important to do so. Play the long game.

    • Agree !
      We need to play BOTH the Long and short games simultaneously.

      We are already beyond affecting our destiny with merely local effort. BUT….. that needs to be done at the same time as the short game.

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