Democrats Do It Again

Most polls have shown the mid-term double digit margins the Democrats once enjoyed are now gone – there was even a poll this past week that showed the GOP now with a 4-6 point margin.

As we cruise into the election in November, I expect the Democrats to try to pull a rabbit out of the hat by releasing something potentially damaging about Mueller’s investigation (they don’t want him to wrap it up before the election), for Mueller to release a “we can’t find any evidence Trump colluded…but you know, evil criminal geniuses know how to hide their tracks” report or they will just start digging dirt ala what Jon Tester did to Admiral Ronny Jackson.

All this makes the focus on the alleged malfeasance by the FBI and the DOJ even more relevant.

I want to take us back to a time before Obamacare. There is the somewhat miraculous election of Scott Brown who won Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat, a seat the Democrats should have been treated like Packers season tickets and just bequeathed to another Democrat. Brown’s vote wold have stopped the 60 vote supermajority required to pass Obamacare but he wasn’t seated until February 4, 2010 – too late to cast a vote on Obamacare which was passed in the Senate on Christmas Eve of 2009, so the Democrat appointed to finish out Kennedy’s term, Paul Kirk cast a vote in favor.

Remember also how the Democrats changed the law in New Jersey so that they could drag the ancient dinosaur Frank Lautenberg out of the dustbin to replace Robert “Torch” Torricelli – who is still doing time for corruption. Of course, they changed the rules right back after Lautenberg was appointed so the Jersey GOP could never do it that way.

But the biggest damage to the GOP effort to block Obamacare was the fraudulent 2008 prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. In this case, the prosecutors at the DOJ and the investigators at the FBI committed various illegal acts, up to and including the withholding of exculpatory evidence. The Washington Post – in 2012, of course – reported:

“Stevens, who died in a plane crash in 2010, was convicted in 2008 of corruption charges and weeks later lost his bid for reelection. In April 2009, Sullivan tossed the guilty verdict in response to a Justice Department motion seeking dismissal of the case in light of the revelation that its prosecutors had withheld information from the defense.”

Stevens was convicted in October of 2008 and subsequently lost the election to Mark Begich, the former Democrat mayor of Anchorage and a safe vote for Obamacare – even though an FBI whistleblower had filed a report identifying willful misconduct. In December of 2008, the Politico reported:

“The unnamed agent alleges to have “witnessed or learned of numerous violations of policy, rules and procedures as well as criminal violations” during the investigation of Stevens, including some involving Bill Allen, the chief government witness against Stevens. Stevens was convicted of failing to disclose more than $250,000 in improper gifts from Allen, former CEO of VECO Corp., an Alaska oil-field services company, as well as other individuals.”

In April of 2009, Stevens’ conviction was thrown out. At the time, the UK Guardian reported:

“The ruling comes six days after the US justice department admitted its attorneys had withheld potentially exculpatory evidence from Stevens’ attorneys and asked Judge Emmet Sullivan to throw out the conviction.

‘In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case,’ Sullivan said.”

But the damage was already done. Obama got his legislation and American taxpayers got the shaft.

My point is that the Democrat use of the DOJ and FBI against their political enemies is really nothing new and to think Obama was sitting on the sidelines as his “legacy” and namesake legislation was at risk is ludicrous.

Eric Holder’s poisoned DOJ continued the legacy of Deep State corruption. It takes little imagination to conceive this criminal enterprise would have any compunction at all about trying to tilt an election to Hillary. Obama began his first term with corruption, why shouldn’t he end it that way?

People have such short memories but what the DOJ did to Ted Stevens, may he rest in peace, should not be forgotten.

Progressives will do and say anything to advance their agenda.




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