Progressivism is a Religion


Said this for years. Progressives are searching for a religion. During the 60’s they looked for anything other than Christianity or Judaism because those two told them things about themselves and their actions they didn’t want to hear. These forbade them to do the the things they wanted to do (some of which were nothing more than poling a sharp stick in the eyes of God), so they looked into transactional analysis, meditation, LSD, weed and pretty much any storefront version of other religions to find something that fit them.

“…today’s “woke,” educated white people would quite often lap up being apprised of the racism inside of them by a black speaker they paid, lodged, and fed. That speaker as often as not today is Ta-Nehisi Coates, who charismatically limns America as a cesspool of bigotry in his writing and in talks nationwide, and is joyously celebrated for it by the very people he is insulting.”

That’s from a post at the American  titled “Atonement as Activism” by John McWhorter.

They have been on a 50 year window shopping excursion.

So, folks on the left have landed on a toxic mixture of statism, politics, mysticism and atheism rolled up into a loose ball called as “progressivism” as a substitute for Judeo-Christian theology. Progressivism is as much a religion as Catholicism, it just replaces a Pope with government, counting on the senior leadership of the Democrat party to be their High Priests.

And in the process, progressivism became a very curious mix of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition (the Spanish Inquisition) and the Flagellants, the 13th century group of Roman Catholics who practiced mortification of the flesh by various means. Progressives find pleasure in their self-inflicted pain but really enjoy dosing it out to non-progressives as well.

V0041892 An auto-da-fé of the Spanish Inquisition and the execution o

The problem is that no one knows the rules of this new religion because they change to fit the need of the moment. What you can say or think and who you can say or think it about changes every minute and what was acceptable yesterday is not acceptable today. You can be right and wrong at the same time.

For me, I don’t need to change my religion to meet my needs, wishes and desires – I need the constancy and consistency of the Gospel to both inform and guide my life. If principles and God’s law is arbitrary and capricious and His teachings malleable and changeable to fit what I want to do, then they are of no use as a guide – they aren’t laws at all…they are merely suggestions.

This is where I part company with many modern Christian theologies – the idea that churches must soften the Gospel to get buts in the seats, that religion is some sort of fad that adapts to contemporary culture, that you can have an atheist as a pastor of priest, that religion must be made “more appealing” to be relevant…I reject it all. Religion, especially Christianity, is not a consumer good that must carry a “New and Improved!” label to be popular. Religion’s sole purpose is to teach people about God. To do so, we are to conform to God’s laws, not try to change them so we can continue to spiral back down into the flawed beings we are.

Anyway, that’s just me. I’m an enemy of progressivism. I might just be a little biased.


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